Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Grades [1 Trandary 4262]

With First Day comes ~mother~.

With ~mother~ come unpleasant questions. Such as "What grades did you get last term?" and "Are you still dating inappropriate people so publicly?"

Well, anyone reading this journal knows about the second. But I had, for some incomprehensible reason, neglected to mention the first here. I can't imagine why. Neither can you. The grades themselves can't possibly be the problem.

The Judgment: At least ~mother~ didn't threaten to cut off my allowance. That's about all.

Course Grade Commentary ~Mother's~ Opinion
Sorcery in a Present Time Still Alive Everyone who is actually still alive and taking the course at the end of the term gets the grade, "Still Alive". Dargwyn says that this is to keep students from getting too cocky. No students died this term, though one withdrew from the university, and of course Fiarel is barely attending.

Eitharheinen:"What kind of a grade is 'Still Alive'?"

Me:"Better than the alternative."

Eitharheinen:"I don't want you taking a class for which that grade even makes sense."

Me:"No more do I. Again, it's better than the alternative, given that the Duke won't let me quit my part-time job."

Mother flew off in a fury to yell at Hezimikkinen about why zie hadn't turned the Duke around yet.
Applied Enchantment IIII Honorably Worked There is no other grade available in this class.

Eitharheinen:"Can't you do better? This is Enchantment after all."

Me:"Everyone gets that grade."

Eitharheinen:"Bah. You are being insufficiently diligent about school."

Me:"Except, as it happens, for Applied Enchantment, at which I am being exceedingly diligent."

Eitharheinen:"Exceedingly? Exceeding what?"

Me:"Last term."


Dissection of Enchantments Casually Labored I am unhappy. I worked quite hard! I just, well, didn't understand as much as most of the other students. This class was just a lot harder than Dissection of Spells. Everyone else was a graduate student with at least three years more Enchantment classes than I have. I think that Gostegg forgot that I'm young, 'cause, well, I look like I'm four thousand years old (true) and act like it (not so true).

Eitharheinen:"Can't put them together, so you're taking them apart?"

Me:"Analysing them, ~mother~."

Eitharheinen:"I know that! I taught that course!"

Me:"You taught? That course?"

Eitharheinen:"Before Zemi was born."

Me:"Oh, great staring gods."

Seven Theories of Fire Tolerably Considered I probably deserved this one. I didn't really pay very much attention.

Eitharheinen:"Sythyry, this is not pleasing to me."

Me:"Unlike previous courses, I will not attempt to persuade you otherwise."

Civilized Monsters of Melpeia Pleasantly Stated Translation: the times that I bothered turning in assignments, they weren't painful to read, and, if I had turned in a greater proportion of them, I probably would have been given a rather more respectable grade. Zie doesn't care much about this one. The less time I spend on monsters, thinking about monsters, dealing with monsters, and otherwise monstering around, the better, in zir opinion. I agree, except of course that I am happy to correspond with extradimensional monsters as long as they agree to stay there and I get to stay here.
Flirtatious Dancing Casually Attended I should not take afternoon classes on days divisible by three. I missed the third day of the week more often than not, non-flirtatiously non-dancing with a nendrai.

Eitharheinen:"I don't know which is worse: that you choose to spend so much time and attention blatantly flirting with inappropriate people -- and more! -- or that you do so badly at it."

Me:"Pardon me a moment, ~mother~. I must now go and bite my own left ear off."

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