Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Fallout of the Adventure [1 Trandary 4262]

It's 4262 now.

The basic festivities of the day were more or less like last year, and if I feel more cheerful later I'm going to write it up in more detail, but if not, go ahead and imagine Herethroy children singing for candied cabbage, street performances (lacking an over-busy Strenata this year), going to the Great Temple of Virid, and all like that. I forgot to make dinner reservations afterwards, so I tagged along with Hezimikkinen and we shared a chair and more or less made believe we'd intended it that way all along.

Here's the part of the day that didn't go so well.

Jinthinia:"Sythyry? Is that you?"

Me:"No other Zi Ri are likely to come to this quarter!" Which, in retrospect, might not have been a good thing to say, since, well, no other Zi Ri are likely to visit her in her home any time soon, but she might not like to be reminded of that.

Jinthinia:"I know that! Where were you last night?"

Me:"Trying to keep a nendrai from destroying the countryside in her physical and philosophical agonies. The philosophical was worse." Also unwise.

Jinthinia:"All I heard about were the lightning bolts and the monster getting escorted through the street! Then nothing! I was worried about you!"

Me:"That's very sweet, but Vae usually doesn't get me killed."

Jinthinia:"I am very unhappy!"

Me:"With me not getting killed? That's not very sweet!"

Jinthinia:"Stop with the court talk. I'm serious."

Me:"Oh? What's wrong?"

Jinthinia:"We had a date for last night!"

Which is true, and it was scheduled to be a very nice one. The tickets are still sitting, unused and unusable, on my desk at home.

Me:"I'm sorry. I'd much rather go to a play with you than comfort a nendrai. Humiliating work, that, considering how she reacts to getting comforted. I feel like the Duke's whore."

Jinthinia:"That, too, requires an apology."

Me:"What? Nonsense. I wasn't pleasuring her because I wanted to, after all."

Jinthinia:"You're not listening."

Me:"Oh? I'm not?"

Jinthinia:"I've told you half a dozen times!" She hadn't. This conversation is more or less verbatim.

Me:"Well, tell me again then."

Jinthinia:"You didn't tell me what was happening."

Me:"I didn't have any easy way to get a message to you! Especially without letting the whole city know I wanted to get a message to you!"

Jinthinia:"Except for that Orren slut you're always hanging about with!"

Me:"You weren't there!"

In retrospect, I might not have said this quite this way. Several minutes later, Jinthinia calmed down enough to explain that she meant Seeks-4262. We bickered for a while over whether a person of Strenata's degree of virginity could reasonably be called a "slut". We agreed that it was an adequate insult, even if not literally true. We agreed that I could be immediately forgiven for not instantly realizing who Jinthinia was talking about. We disagreed about whether I could be immediately forgiven for applying it to Jinthinia, despite its technical accuracy.

Jinthinia:"Now do you understand why I'm so upset?"

Me:"Accidental inslut, check. Um, insult. Forgetting to send a message when I could, even though I didn't know I needed to until much later, check. Skipping our date to save the city, check."


Me:"Um ... no?" I was really confused.

Jinthinia:"No. I mean, yes, but no."

Me:"Yes, but no?" I was even more confused.

Jinthinia:"Yes, I'm upset about those too. I'm mostly upset that you had an adventure and didn't get me."

Me:"Um ..."

Jinthinia:"I need the money!"

Me:"I'll split it with you. Oops, I already did."


Me:"No money this time. Half that is your share."

Jinthinia:"Just because you're rich and clueless and don't bother to find money doesn't mean everyone is."

Some minutes later, we agreed to disagree about this.

Jinthinia:"So, how are you going to make it up to me?"

Me:"Make it up to you? Um ... do you want me to pay you?" Some people in Across Saga do expect to get paid for their romantic services -- sometimes as a matter of explicit business deals, sometimes as a matter of blackmail, but usually because they're poor and live partially off richer lovers.

Jinthinia:"Gods, no. Not the money."

Me:"What, then?" For money was, as far as I knew, what we had been fighting about.

Jinthinia:"The fun. The excitement. The city is boring! This is the fifth First Day eve when I've just gone to Across Saga and then come home! I'm sick of it!"

Well, we fought about that for a while. We agreed that I could make it up to her with an actual good date in a couple days.

No good deed goes unpunished.

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