Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Alien Prince [27 Nivvem 4261]

Vae appeared in an explosion of purple flames and glowing star anise pods under her usual tree by our meeting place. She was a five-headed confection of boiled leather, glass beads, silver bells, and floating clouds of flame, and looked utterly alarming. It would have been alarming enough if she were simply wearing it, rather than being it.

Me:"Hallo, Vae. You're looking and acting both flamboyant and flashy today. And flestive too. Not so fleshy though."

Vae:"Hiio, Sythyry! And Strenata and Rhedwy and the two new people. The thanking is on you!" She sort of pirouetted around and showed off some truly terrifying features of her body-of-the-day. Who in their right mind could possibly think it was a good idea to replace their spinal cord by a golden chain with little heart-shaped glass beads strung on it? Though, I suppose, having done so, one might well be tempted to show it off.

Strenata, Rhedwy:Assorted politenesses and suchlike of no particular note.

Me:"Why are you dressed up so fancy today?"

Vae:"The first day costume of mine is this!" She went all wistful and morose for a moment. "In case someone brings a party out of the walls that I can come to, like."

I dutifully noted that under Ambassadorial Duties. Finding people willing to go celebrate the creation of the primes with a terrible non-prime monster was sure to be its own measure of excitement, never mind the actual party. And never mind the nendrai's insane costume.

We introduced Fiarel and Txiane to Vae. Fiarel barely batted an eyelash; she was evidently well used to mighty monsters of hideous and/or festive mein. Txiane evidently leads a more sheltered life (presumably, exclusive of the occasional kidnapping and pinioning revealingly on a dark priest's altar or mad scientist's lab bench), and shrieked in fear, and required a fair amount of Fiarellicious comforting.

Which, evidently, she was glad to do. I remain unclear whether she is monster-loving, transaffectionate, or cisaffectionate with a slightly exotic taste. It almost looked like two Orren smooching.

Then came the actual negotiations. Vae would turn a thread of Txiane's fur into a working knowledge of Ketherian. In exchange, Txiane would give Vae one of his famous stone eggs, which provide healing, for which he is renowned far and wide throughout whatever ridiculous alternate universe he comes from. (Fiarel never told me what it's called.)

Vae did her part just fine. Insofar as doing such a horrible thing can be said to be "just fine".

Txiane did his part just fine, too. I didn't get to see the actual magic; he already had the stone with him, already enchanted.

But giving it to Vae was not so fine. She screamed very loudly, in a voice unlike any voice from a five-headed confection of leather, beads, bells, and flame that I have ever heard, and unlike any voice I have ever heard her use either. She started lashing the ground with her tail, turning long strips into furrows full of lightning bolts.

Txiane helpfully and resourcefully burst into tears.

Fiarel helpfully and resourcefully leapt off of a hillock as it turned to lightning under her, and grabbed Txiane, and rescued him somehow or other.

Strenata and Rhedwy helpfully and resourcefully took to the air.

I was not so helpful or resourceful.

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