Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Fair Warning [27 Nivvem 4261]

First of all, 4261 is almost over. This cannot fail to be a good thing. It hasn't been an entirely horrible year, but it has been insane. I hope next year is less doomed.

The Emergency

Strenata:"Sythyry, Rhedwy! C'mon, c'mon!"


Strenata:"Guard stuff!"

Me:"Guard stuff that requires us losing a week's Enchantment work?"

Strenata:"Yes! C'mon!"

And, losing the week's work in the most frustrating way. Normally, I'd lose the week's work at the beginning of the week, and get to sleep late a few days. Losing it on the last day is annoying.

Rhedwy:"So, how do I earn my scholarship today?"

Strenata:"Fiarel's back!"

Me:"Who?" I had forgotten about Fiarel, since I had never met her.

Rhedwy:"With what doom is she back?"

Strenata:"Her boyfriend."

Me:"And so you need traff academy students to deal with him ... why?"

Strenata:"He's a monster."

Me:"Yeek! Run away! Call for the city guards!"

Strenata:"We are the city guards."

Me:"Oh. Right."

I'm not exactly a city guard, but I'm not exactly not a city guard either. And dealing with monsters is my specialty. As previously mentioned, this has been an insane of a year.

The Boyfriend

Fiarel, by this time, had brought her para-Orren boyfriend to the Buttery, and was showing him off. He is well worth showing off, as he is at least seven feet tall, has glorious emerald fur, and two extra arms. And he wears very little but gold chains -- the way I wear ribbons! -- and sparkly gauzy lace things here and there. Glowing green lace that matches his fur.

He's quite splendid. I can't fault Fiarel's taste.

Well, ignoring the fact that he's obviously not prime.

Strenata and Rhedwy and I shooed off five professors and eleven students, and took charge of the situation. (I'm sure that my brave and devastating hovering around the rafters was absolutely crucial to them leaving.) And we subjected Fiarel and the prince to our most devastating interrogation.

Strenata:"Fiarel? Could you introduce us?"

(Incidentally, for Orren-connoisseurs, Fiarel herself is rather the opposite of the prince. She's short and plump, and her left ear is rather shredded, and she usually wears at least one sword, and she's bouncy and fearless and scary and in all ways a supreme Sorcery in a Present Time student.

Fiarel:"Oh, certainly. Strenata, Rhedwy, Sythyry, this is Txiane. Txiane, Ðeaƌ Ȅeѯ Strenata xǜ Rhedwy xǜ Sythyry." (Transcriptions are only approximate.)

Txiane:"Ƈee, Strenata xǜ Rhedwy xǜ Sythyry, ŔheƜơ. ƑǣƦǝƛ, hǚǰ Ȫ ʍǒʍ?"

Fiarel:"Right. Sythyry, Prof. Dargwyn tells me that you've got a pet nendrai who can do language magic. Any chance you could get her to teach Txiane Ketherian?"

Me:"Oh, no. That's a terrible idea. Every time Vae does something helpful, we get more doom."

Strenata:"Sythyry means 'yes'."

Me:"I do?"

Strenata:"You do. Emphatically. Let's go find Vae right now."

Fiarel:"Before lunch?"

Strenata:"The sooner he can speak, the more cheerful conversations we will have!"

The Explanation

As we tromped out of the street, Strenata engaged Fiarel and Txiane in energetic conversation. I interrogated Rhedwy.

Me:"What was that about?"

Rhedwy:"When a monster is in the city, the first thing to do is to make it no longer be in the city. Sometimes we do this in the good way, the fun way. Today we use a trick. This is good too."

Me:"Oh, dearie."

Rhedwy:"You worry about doom from the nendrai!"

Me:"Well, yes. That's my job, isn't it?"

Rhedwy:"I do not worry about doom from the nendrai this time. If there is doom from the nendrai, there is doom on the green prince from the nendrai."

Me:"You're awfully optimistic today, Rhedwy."

Rhedwy:"Always am I optimistic! Especially today. Today I expect to get the guard stipend bonus for having a picnic and watching a nendrai play with a para-Orren."

Me:"Oh, dearie."

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