Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Wages of Pity [25 Nivvem 4261]

Dustweed conveniently and helpfully asked me to apologize to Ghirbis on zir behalf, for intimacies and insults. Zie promised her that there would be no more of either.

Ghirbis:"So, even if I want, I can't get a rerun?"

Me:"Evidently not."

Ghirbis:"That's not polite! What if I need pity-sex myself sometime?"

Me:"You might have to hire an enterprising Cani street-cook boy for what will surely be only a small fee?"

Ghirbis:"Bah! What about my investment in tolerating Dustweed's attitudes and appearance? It was not so easy!"

Me:"I'm sure that the Para-Angels of Love and Affection will supply you with suitable recompense when the situation arises."

Ghirbis:"Are they real?"

Me:"Oh, yes. Quite real." (They're not.)

Ghirbis:"Whose elementals are they?"

Me:"You didn't know?"

Ghirbis:"... no ..."

Me:"Gnarn's, of course." (The cruelest of our overly-cruel pantheon.)

Ghirbis:[singing to the tune of Borealis in the City of Slugs]"I whine -- I moan -- I complain -- I expire -- I grumble!"

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