Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which Everyone Is Utterly Unreasonable [24 Nivvem 4261]

Some afternoons are probably best not recorded in detail.

Dustweed vs. Ghirbis: Dustweed somewhat took Ghirbis to task for her comments about zir behavior ("What an ingrate!"). Ghirbis tried to explain that she was merely subtly mocking Tethezai's ridiculous pronouncements. Dustweed reminded Ghirbis that she'll say nearly anything if she thinks it will amuse people, and is more likely to inflict accidental cruelty on her friends than anyone but Rhedwy. (This is entirely true. It is not why I call her my Evil Roommate, but it should be.) Ghirbis was devastated by this analysis, to the point of being quiet for nearly a ninth of an hour.

Dustweed vs. Dustweed: In what I am sure is a fit of self-justification for a painful yet ultimately private decision, Dustweed felt obliged to explain to Ghirbis and me -- mostly me -- why zie had just evicted Tethezai. There were two main reasons:

  1. Zie's not a good Herethroy. No, not that way -- well, that way too -- but: a good Herethroy should not be too jealous. A proper Herethroy will have between two and four spouses. All of these spouses ought to be Herethroy, and proper, and, thus, ought to have between two and four spouses. As my arithmetical archenemy will tell you, this means that between one and three of any spouses's spouses are not you. This provides ample opportunities for jealousy. In a proper Herethroy relationship, none of these opportunities will be taken. [OOC: This topic is explored somewhat further in the forthcoming A Marriage of Insects. -bb] Admittedly, Tethezai exceeded this number significantly, and was not a particularly good Herethroy herself about it, perhaps because of not being a Herethroy. Still, Dustweed's jealousy is further proof, if any was needed, that Dustweed is unfit to be a Herethroy.
  2. Zie's not traff. Except, of course, in the sense of having had an other-species lover for about a year, and, by all evidence available to me (and when we were sharing a room, there was a fair bit of evidence (actually, there has been some since then too)) enjoyed at least the physical parts of the matter thoroughly. In any case, the logical inconsistency of (a) not being traff, and (b) being actively traff seemed to overwhelm Dustweed's enjoyment of acting traff. After a year or so.

Dustweed vs. Me: I made the natural but devastating error of trying to respond to these two points sensibly, with incontrovertable logic and absolute wisdom.

  1. How point (1) -- even, arguendo, we choose to accept it as true -- leads to dumping Tethezai is not instantly clear.
  2. Ilottat said rather the same sort of thing as point (2).

Well, maybe my second one wasn't so wise.

In any case, Dustweed and I got into a terrible fight in which zie accused me being upset that zie was no longer being traff, because I -- evidently --

  1. Wish to have as many traff roommates as possible;
  2. Only grant any sort of favorable attention or pleasant behavior to the transaffectionate;
  3. Think better of Tethezai than of zir, because Tethezai continues to couple with all species and zie intends to find a lover of zir own species as soon as possible;
  4. this and that along the same lines

I think the first point is probably true. Though Anoof is probably my best friend among my roommates, and he's not traff. And I'm pretty sure I didn't know Ghirbis was traff when I asked her to share Quelldrie House with me. For that matter, I wasn't really using the word for myself either at that point -- or was I? I can't remember.

In any case, I tried flapping my wings and knocking over a jar of treacle, since that had worked so well on the fight earlier today, but we weren't in the pantry and I don't think we have any treacle around anyways. Probably just as well, since I don't really want to be involved in a mutual grooming session with Dustweed, much less explain the matter to Jinthinia.

Eventually, I managed to apologize hard enough to get it through Dustweed's chitin-armored head that I was actually apologizing instead of trying to make zir more miserable. (It took four tries. I counted.) Then I spent about a third of an hour trying to be comforting to zir for something which (a) zie had chosen to do entirely of zir own volition and fully knowing of the consequences, and (b) I didn't really think was a good idea.

Dustweed vs. Ghirbis, rematch: After listening to a long discussion of how Dustweed really only likes Herethroy, and the crucial reason zie broke up with Tethezai is that she's a Rassimel ... Ghirbis and Dustweed somehow wound up sleeping together within the hour. Ghirbis being just as much a Rassimel girl as Tethezai, or, I think, some fifteen or twenty pounds more.

I do not understand anything today.

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