Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which Dustweed Does The Impossible [24 Nivvem 4261]

I was sitting in the Lightly Scaled Refectory, being lightly scaled, and refecting upon some chub-beetles and leftover spiced cheese, when I happened to notice Tethezai descending the staircase. As if her tail were on fire. Except without the smoke and the consequent loss of our security deposit, of course.

Me:"Oh, where do you go, so fast and so swift?"

Tethezai stopped -- at the bottom of the staircase, sensibly enough -- and came to the table, and helped herself to the chub-beetles without being invited.

Tethezai:"I cannot believe that zie actually did it."

Me:"Who did what?" I knew, of course. So do you, I should imagine.

Tethezai:"How on wood could zie dump me?"

Me:"Painfully, from the sound of it...?"

Tethezai:"Wicked one, woe to you! What life awaits you?"

Me:"I beg your pardon?"

Tethezai:"Who will come to you now? To whom will you seem beautiful?"

Me:"Um ... Jinthinia?"

Ghirbis:"No, no. It's an old love poem."

Tethezai:"Whom will you love now? Whose will you be said to be?"

Me:"Except maybe for being not very love. And not very poem, for that matter."

Tethezai:"Whom will you kiss? Whose lips will you bite?"

Ghirbis:"Well, right, it's not very love. It's very poem though. It's in Calanchian, and it .. it doesn't rhyme quite, but it's got excellent meter and more internal prosody than you can shake a sheep at. It goes like this." She warbled off something from an opera in a language I don't speak.

Tethezai:"Yeah, that, Ghirbis. Of course, the girl that that was written about was a heavy-duty libertine and found about sixteen lovers before the next act. I don't think Dustweed's going to find even one. Especially not the kind zie wants."

Ghirbis:"Zie's pissed that you get all the Herethroy, and zie wants one for zirself?"

Tethezai:"I offered to share if I could find any that were willing!"

Ghirbis:"What an ingrate!"

Tethezai:"I give zir more time and devotion than I've given anyone, and zie goes and dumps me!"

Ghirbis:"Generosity, unrewarded! Kindness, spurned! Virtue, punished! Well, some sort of virtue, at any rate."

Tethezai:"It's not like it's a problem for me. I can go get another lover or nineteen in a third of an hour."

I mused, quietly, that that very ability -- and its occasional practice -- was part of the problem.

Ghirbis:"As many as you like, with just a flick of the tail!"

Tethezai:"Hey, traff lizard? Got plans for First Night?"

Me:"If I'm not with Jinthinia, I daresay I shall be keeping a lonely roommate company." Which came out a bit more frosty than I had intended. But, even if I were (a) wholly unattached, and (b) actively interested in Rassimel and (c) so callous as to be instantly seducible by my regrettable friend's so-recent-ex-lover, I would still probably have been insulted by the suggestion about how easy my virtue is. (Or some sort of virtue, at any rate.)

Tethezai:"Right." She turned and stomped out the door, probably just as angry with me as she was with Dustweed.

Me:"So much for that friend."

Ghirbis:"Now I see why the Duke has appointed you an ambassador."

Dustweed:[tiptoeing down the stairs]"Well, I appreciate that."

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