Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which I Finally Face Reality [24 Nivvem 4261]


We had the promised fight last night. It was pretty incoherent.

Me:"Yuck, your family!"

Jinthinia:"Yuck, my ex-husband! Not yuck, my son!"

Me:"Still ... yuck!"

Jinthinia:"Still, that's a rude thing to say!"

We repeated this for about two-thirds of an hour, with variations in tempo, timbre, tone, tolerance, and, I suspect, technique. After this, we resolved the matter in the customary way:

Jinthinia:"I'm tired of this. Could you apologize sufficiently to allow for the ensuiant personal intimacies?" [No, she doesn't really talk that way. I am pretending she is rather more aristocratic than she actually is.]

Me:Apologize, apologize.

Jinthinia:"Try again, with more feeling. Real or simulated."

Me:"apologize, apologize, apologize." I can be ambassadorial if I want!

Jinthinia:"That will do, Sythyry. That will do."

Me:"Oh, good. Shall we...?"

Jinthinia:"That is what this relationship is about, isn't it?"

Jinthinia, reprise

Afterwards, we were washing up. This involves an insufficiently-large and nearly-empty pitcher of water, and, after that, a big basin of water produced by my small blue glass pitcher with a curling shrimp on the handle. Useful gadget, that. I'd be annoyed to waste a cley for water, but a charge is cheaper.

Jinthinia:"I could have used that last night!"

Me:"Last night?"

Jinthinia:"Cantabrae was over. We ran out of water."

(Cantabrae is a Cani woman who shows up at Across Saga once in a while. Unlike some Cani at Across Saga, she's married. She's got some kind of deal with her spouses whereby she gets, I believe, two nights a month for her own hobbies. I presume she tolerates cisaffectionate use of her body and social life the rest of the time, somehow. (I suppose I should have Enziet talk with her (except of course that Enziet won't talk), at some point, after I am less displeased with Cantabrae.))

Me:Distressed hissing about Cantabrae!

Jinthinia:Astounded surprise at assumption of exclusivity! Especially when we're having a fight!

So it was time to discuss the basic structure and parameters of our relationship.

Which, of course, we didn't do.

Instead, we had a wild screaming argument. I was, at one point, standing on the back of her chair, holding on with my back legs, and flapping my wings so wildly that I knocked over a jar of treacle.

Which was actually a pretty good strategic move, since we both scrambled to clean it up, and then spent a while grooming each other, and, well, decided that it was a good time to ignore the wild screaming argument and focus on the physical basis of our relationship instead.

Which was fun, and friendly, and required the rest of the water afterwards.

But I am rather worried, or perplexed, or something. There are some fundamental questions about Jinthinia+me that have not yet been answered, or even discussed.




Vae:"The you're nearly two hours late!"

Me:"I'm very sorry ... I hope you weren't waiting and fidgeting impatiently and unhappily."

Vae:"Not that, for I'd made an elemental to do that for me."

Which she does all the time -- well, to wait for me -- which is why I dared finish the events with Jinthinia rather than flying off in the middle of things to save the city from an angry and/or bored nendrai.

Vae:"And what have you been up to, these two hours? The smell of treacle and excited Orren women is all over you!"

Me:"Oh, dearie."

Vae:"And why, oh, dearie?"

Me:"Every Cani in the city will know what I've been up to."

Vae:"And what have you been up to?"

At which point I embarked on an impromptu yet elegant discourse, which touched but did not actually dwell on the distinctly disreputable and indelibly improper matters which I am involved with, with Jinthinia. It was impromptu! It was elegant! It was devoid of details and clear of concepts unfit for the ears of an under-age monster!

Vae:"And the fighting and the sex and the more fighting and the more sex distracted you?"

Well, maybe it wasn't so devoid and clean.


Vae:"The very sweet that sounds. I wish I were old enough for that."


Vae:"The mother and I used to cuddle after fighting lessons, but friendly fighting -- not lessons, lessons are tedious -- and the happier-than-cuddling ... The lovers-to-be should I go and arrange, shouldn't I? "

Me:"Further gleep!"

Vae:"And would Llethillasessat be interested, do you think?"

Me:"He did jab a long pointy claw through your heart when you parted."

Vae:"And is that good, do you think?"

Me:"My lovers all do about the same, only not so physically."

Vae:"Oooh! The romantic!"

Me:"Um ... not ... quite ..."

I'm pretty sure she didn't actually understand the situation, not even a little, by the time I went home.

I suppose I might as well count that as some kind of success.

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