Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which I Continue To Refuse To Face Reality [23 Nivvem 4261]

La, la, la, la! Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong!

Aside from that, I have been exchanging letters with zhaleskra and Aethrahacxy.


Zhaleskra is terrifyingly urbane. Zie lives in Ovirucci, on Dentheia, a city about which I know nothing. Or knew nothing until recently, at least. Zhaleskra is only a few years older than me, and lives with both zir parents, and won't talk about zir geneology (which probably means zie's managed not to be very related to anyone very important, but maybe zie's just shy), and and ... um ... volunteered that zie has a Sleeth boyfriend, without so much as batting an eyelash. You might ask how I know this, since I have not even seen Zhaleskra and do not know if zie even has eyelashes. Well, the truth of the story is, zie mentioned him casually in the middle of a sentence, as if it was the most natural thing on wood for a young Zi Ri who lives with zir parents to have a Sleeth boyfriend.

Perhaps Ovirucci is the Dentheian City of Universal Free Love.

Of course, what I know about it -- which is nothing -- is mostly that it's a city of gangsters.

Perhaps Ovirucci is the Dentheian City of Universal Free Love and Gangsters.

I rather wonder what ~mother~ -- Eitharheinen -- think that chatting with Zhaleskra will be a good thing for her point of view.


Aethrahacxy is the opposite. Zie lives in Nyanent, which is at least on Choinxeia. Well, a side-side-branch of Choinxeia. Further away than Zhaleskra, either computing by straight lines or by reasonable travel plans. Zie lives with zir ~mother~ Tsaomineinen who is a previously-unknown child of the Wild and Scaly Llezcaryg. (Well, I daresay that Llezcaryg knew about Tsaomineinen, but I didn't.) Which is more or less as imposing as being the grandchild of Glikkonen, and probably just as useless for ordinary life.

Zie is quite young. More than thirteen [8 Earth years, and Zi Ri puberty], but maybe not much more.

Of course, Tsaomineinen has treated zir in a very traditional way. Aethrahacxy has lived all zir life in a large floating mansion of a skyboat Terrapin Manor, usually moored about a mile off of that side-side-branch of Choinxeia, with about fifteen prime servants and about sixty assorted elementals and animated whatnots as other servants.

Which leads to comments like this:

  1. Oh, I've been off of Terrapin Manor, lots of times. Once I few halfway to the twig.</i> And, in another letter, No, I've never actually been on the World Tree. ~Mother~ says zie'll let me when I'm older.
  2. I think I met an Orren once. I was very young at the time though -- I'm not sure that I did. ~Mother~ doesn't let them on Terrapin Manor ordinarily. They're too unreliable.
  3. I'm not dating anyone. I'm not ready to have children yet! Owie!

And again, I must wonder greatly at Eitharheinen's choice of tactics. Still, I guess there aren't too many young Zi Ri to be found.

The Judgment

I'm staying with Jinthinia. With which affair there's -- la la, la la! -- nothing wrong!

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