Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Still Doesn't Count [21 Nivvem 4261]

Before work today, I had lunch with Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks Strenata, at home. In private. This does not count as breaking my swearing-off-of-Orren-and-Traff because:

  1. It's for work.
  2. Strenata and I broke up a long time ago.
  3. Strenata and I were never actually involved.
  4. It counts.

The Duke evidently wants to distress Daukrhame, just a touch, and then visibly rescue them. I suppose Daukrhame is getting a bit too independent for his tastes. Or, knowing the Duke as well as I do ... um ... that's wrong. Pretending to know the Duke as well as I pretend to do, (and not being aware of anything that Daukrhame has actually done lately) I suppose he's calculated that it's a good time to intimidate them delicately and remind them of just how important it is for them to stay unquestionably and unquestioningly inside of Vheshrame's sphere of influence.

(And, if our sphere of influence was ever actually a sphere, it looks like Vae got ahold of it in a particularly violently weepy mood.)

Me:"I have the perfect way to distress Daukrhame just a touch. Someone must drive a red-hot copper needle into the stiff yet juicy rump of Prince Nestrune."

Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks:"You've been spending too much time with your lab partner, haven't you?"

Me:"That, and too much time at work."

Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks:"Vae talks about that sort of thing?"

Me:"Occasionally. She does it more often than talk about it, really."

Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks:"I can't imagine her describing anyone's rump that way. You must be feeling particularly traff today, Sythyry."

Me:"Comes of swearing off Orren and traff-folk, I suppose."

Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks:"I'm Orren, or I was the last time I checked."

Me:"You don't count. You're nobility."

Which, while it was not particularly useful for the work discussion, at least left Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks spluttering and hissing for nine minutes.

In any case, we decided not to involve Vae in the causing of distress (unless the Duke or someone dictates otherwise). We don't want to make her look like a problem Vheshrame can't or won't deal with. (She is ultimately such a problem.) Also, she's not very good at keeping secrets, and it would be an extra work and a half getting her to do something in a way that wouldn't get back to Daukrhame somehow.

Depending on the distress, though, we might use her for un-distressing them.

Me:"I'm sure I'll be doomed in the un-distressing."

Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks:"You can have the city hire Jinthinia. Oh, but you swore off of non-noble Orrens... Does that mean you're going to crawl back to Ilottat?"

Me:"The next time Jarmiet comes in, I shall have her prepare you a nice chalice of soap tea, for suitable mouthwashing."

Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks:"I look forward to gargling bubbles. Seriously, though, she needs the money, and if you're in charge you get to hire people."

Me:"I'm in charge?"

Seeks-Rectangles-And-Leeks:"If Vae's involved, you will be."

Me:"The doom!"

Other Interference

This is actually two days ago, but never mind that.

My ~mother~ has decided that I should enter a correspondence with one or two other young Zi Ri.

Me:"I suppose you expect grandchildren any week now?"

~mother~:"I am not nearly so ambitious. I barely even expect a civil conversation with you. Even if I am paying your allowance quite generously. Without interfering in your somewhat excessive restaurant bills."

Me:"Just the spell bills -- the ones which could, potentially, save my life if I actually had them?"

~mother~:"The ones which would lead you into dangerous situations, thinking that a spell could save your life. Yes, those."

Me:"I believe you misspoke. I heard you say 'spells', but you clearly meant 'duke'."

~mother~:"I don't expect the duke to save your life. We've got better approaches than that."

Me:"Approaches which do not involve me becoming better able to take care of myself, no matter how urgent the matter feels."

~mother~:"You are talking like an adventurer. I won't have it."


Me:(continues to say nothing except in response to direct questions for another hour or two)

The official at the Bank of Teleporting Hexagons passed two names and addresses to me, along with my allowance, this afternoon. I suppose I shall write to them, as civilly as I can arrange.

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