Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[20 Nivvem 4261]


This morning, while I was doing the excorio gnaedzh in Enchantment class, I swore off Orren, and, for good measure, traff-folk.


It didn't work, of course. Usually when I swear off something for life, it lasts more than a ninth of an hour, if not more. This time, it barely lasted a twenty-seventh.

Rhedwy:"Sythyry? You are now free for a moment! Bring your hands here to pick up this string for me."

Me:"Oh! Sure."

I am, incidentally, not Rhedwy's handmaiden. We have an arrangement whereby I pick things up for her now and then, and otherwise make use of hands, and, in return, she buys me lunch on the first day of every month.

This should not be interpreted as me being Rhedwy's handmaiden. It should be interpreted as me being a small edible creature frequently found in Rhedwy's presence, but using my newfound ambassadorial powers to negotiate for something more than not being eaten in exchange for picking up things for her.


Still, one may reasonably consider that a few words exchanged with a Sleeth, with whom one shares lab equipment and complex arrangements, is not exactly a breaking of my life-long vow. One would have to be entirely intellectually dishonest to do so, of course. (I prefer to be a good little ambassador, and simply have no intent to keep my word on this topic any longer than convenient.)

In keeping with my vow, I hid behind a bunch of Cani freshmen when we passed the vase-filled nitche in which, on this day of the week, Dustweed often waits to meet Tethezai for lunch. I don't know if either one was there, but I was not -- not! -- going to have lunch with any traff-folk.

So of course Esory waddled up behind me and asked, "Sythyry? Why were you hiding behind these freshdoggies?"

Me:"I'm avoiding some people."

Esory:"Oh? Who?"

Me:"Dustweed and Tethezai. They're having one of their periodic fight sorts of things, and I don't feel like getting moped at by Dustweed any more at the moment, or complained at by Tethezai."

Which, of course, lead to explanations. I let her read the last few pages of my diary over lunch at Three Antlers, which was being notably slow.

Oh, that needs explanation. Three Antlers To Happiness is a very ordinary restaurant, a bit further from the academy than our usual lunch places, and a bit more expensive. I had a cup of porridge garnished with powdered fish, bacon, and chiffonade of dandelion and horseradish leaves and mushrooms. (If you're allowed to have a chiffonade of mushrooms, which I somehow doubt.) Esory had a plate of scrambled eggs with shrimps and chub beetles and, um, something blue that I didn't recognize, chopped into little cubes. It might have been dyed and pickled ... um ... anything at all. Or it might be some odd ingredient that I don't know about. We paid too much for these things. The only distinguishing feature of Three Antlers to Happiness is the stuffed sheep's head over the door, which has three horns. It's from a breed that usually has four horns, but this one only has three. It's stuffed and taxidermized, with its tongue sticking out lapping at a bowl of ice cream. Dusty ceramic ice cream.

So we chatted about Enchantment stuffs for all of lunchtime. Esory is doing Sustenoc exercises, trying to get better at that Verb quickly, for some project or other that she has in mind. She envied at me a bunch.

Oh, that needs explanation too, I suppose. Sustenoc is the Zi Ri Verb, which (nearly) all Zi Ri are good at. It's for sustaining things. Like, if you create a muffin the usual way (Creoc Herbador), it'll vanish in a few hours. If you want to create a real muffin, you add Sustenoc to the spell. There's not a whole lot you can do with just Sustenoc, and most of what you do with just Sustenoc is pretty silly or specialized or unglamourous -- like making leather tougher, I guess. Useful, but dull. But there is a lot that you want to add Sustenoc to.

The Rassimel Verb, by the way, is Healoc. Which, alarmingly enough, is for healing things. It's pretty useful -- you can unbreak plates with it, or uncast spells, or quite a variety of other things. It's the most pleasant kind of magic -- it's quite attractive and soothing to the magic sense. Vae can't use Healoc at all, so I hear rather a lot of complaints about it, and about how she has to use painful Mutoc spells to heal herself instead of nice Healoc ones.

Mutoc -- painful Mutoc -- is the Sleeth Verb, of course.

And, in case there's any question, anyone can use any Verb. Everyone's just better at one of them, the one whose god created their species.

Anyways, that has almost nothing to do with the actual conversation at lunch -- which included us deciding that we might see if we can try an experiment seeing how small and off-center we can write the Vrenathalian Rune on a chthenoptic lens and still have it work in the excorio gnaedzh -- but you get the point. It was all technical magic theory and enchantment stuff. No plans to break up. No fighting over who was doing what kind of wickedness to the children. No wild rushes. No adventuring plans. No opera. No drama.

This is precisely why I should swear off Orren and traff-folk at least once a month, for ever or at least up to dinnertime.

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