Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Scary Day! [19 Nivvem 4261]

It really wasn't supposed to be terrifying. Afterwards (never mind just what it was after), Jinthinia and I were eating a quick snack of parched grain and powdered salmon and sesame seeds in her apartment -- it's better than it sounds, and crunchy too -- and suddenly a pair of Orren popped through the door.

Jinthinia:"Hey! You're supposed to knock! You know that!"

Adult Orren:"Oh, right. Sorry, but it's an emergency."

Jinthinia:"What kind of emergency?"

Child Orren:"It's not an emergency."

Adult Orren:"Kixikou can't find his homework. He probably didn't do it."

Kixikou (Child Orren):"That's not true!"

Jinthinia:"Well, make him do it again, Mul-Mul."

Mul-Mul (Adult Orren):"That's not possible, Jinthinia."

Kixikou:"That's not fair, mommy!"

The three Orren got into a terrible family fight sort of thing. I can't possibly do it justice. Here, approximately, is the structural outline of the fight:

  1. Kixikou's arithmetic book has vanished.
  2. Mul-Mul says that Jinthinia must have taken it when Kixikou visited her a few days ago, so he'd have to come back here.
  3. Kixikou says that one of his friends probably borrowed it.
  4. Kixikou has about 5/6 of the actual homework that is due tomorrow. He has neither the last page, nor the book containing the sums he needs to do for the last page.
  5. The book itself is expensive and should not have gone missing.
  6. The whole thing is Jinthinia's fault, somehow.
  7. The whole thing is Mul-Mul's fault, somehow.
  8. The whole thing is Kixikou's fault, somehow.
  9. Mul-Mul still needs to knock when he comes to visit, especially if Kixikou's in tow.
  10. Mul-Mul would not need to knock if Jinthinia weren't a sexual deviant likely to expose Kixikou to things that he Should Not See.
  11. Yes, he would still need to knock.
  12. Zi Ri can hide under Orren-sized couches remarkably easily.
  13. It's your fault Kixikou is crying. (I'm pretty sure Mul-Mul said this, but see previous point.)
  14. No, it's your fault.
  15. It's lumpy under Jinthinia's couch. And there's a book here, in the other junk.
  16. Mul-Mul's behavior as father and husband was a significant factor to the divorce, and has, if anything, become worse.
  17. The actual cause of the divorce was Jinthinia's behavior, not Mul-Mul's. And Mul-Mul would not be Jinthinia's lover again for seven tons of fish.
  18. Kixikou doesn't really need to hear this.
  19. He's heard it all before, from you.
  20. Behold! My textbook somehow emerges from beneath the couch!
  21. Behold! I (Mul-Mul) was right all along!
  22. Nonetheless, you (Mul-Mul) are substantially more vile than the dung of a harpy eagle who has been fed on quissitica beans. (I have not smelled this treat. I don't know if you can feed a harpy eagle on quissitica beans. But quissitica beans smell so bad even just boiled that I can't imagine how horrid they must smell after passing through an entire harpy eagle.)
  23. Howesoever vile I (Mul-Mul) may be, I (Mul-Mul) remain married, whereas you (Jinthinia) have only found an assortment of temporary and highly inappropriate lovers.
  24. I (Jinthinia) have had more lovers this year than you (Mul-Mul) have your whole life. And my current one is an aristocrat.
  25. You (Jinthinia) sure are sticking your nose way above your station, aren't you, inker-girl?
  26. Behold! The last page of homework was inside the book! I (Kixikou) did, indeed, finish it all.
  27. Kixikou is less lazy and virtueless than previously suggested.
  28. Kixikou is fine; the problems lie with yourself.
  29. No, with yourself.
  30. This would be an excellent time for Kixikou and Mul-Mul to depart.
  31. Where did that Zi Ri go? I'm sure there was one somewhere around.

This was followed by another fight:

Jinthinia:"How dare you give that book back right then?"

Me:"I was trying to stop the fight!"

Jinthinia:"By letting Mul-Mul win?"


Jinthinia:"It would be one thing if you were a cowardist, but you're an adventurer. You should know better. You should have some sense of tactics."

Me:(apologize, apologize, apologize)

("Cowardist", by the way, means "non-adventurer". I didn't know that. It's not a very flattering term.)

A third of an hour later, Jinthinia apologized to me for having her family matters chase me under the couch and make me do something stupid.

But that's not the scary stuff. The scary stuff is, she thinks it'd be a good idea if I took her and Kixikou out for dinner, so that he can meet me in some proper situation -- like, with him not crying, with me not hiding under a couch, and her not having a screaming fight with an ex-husband.

That's the scary bit.

How scary would you find the corresponding situation, if you were in it?

Not scary
A bit scary
Rather scary
Quite scary
I-need-to-change-my-pants-again scary

Have you ever been in such a situation?

There are self-inflicted gaps in my memory which surely obliterate my recollection of just such a thing

What recommendations do you have for me?

Preemptive suicide.
Strong narcotics (for me)
Strong narcotics (for everyone)
"Just be yourself"
"Just be your grandparent"
Dump Jinthinia now
Invite the nendrai along with you, as your second.
"If you want people without hideous family entanglements, only date Academy students"
"If you want people without hideous family entanglements, only date Sleeth"
"What is your problem, anyways, lizard?"
Just keep the relationship for the sex. If it gets too messy, leave.
If you really love her, deal with her family.

Anything else?

Do I really love Jinthinia?

Only in bed
About 5% of what is possible
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