Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[18 Nivvem 4261]

After my little discussion with Tethezai, I was sufficiently distraught and upset to turn to Vae for a note of calm and well-reasoned sanity. Or, at least, because it was that time of a day divisible by three.

Vae:"Hiio! And what's chewing on your tail today? "

Me:"Hallo, Vae. I have been informed that I must be made a public resource, at least for amusing the upper middle classes at fornication parties."

Vae:"Oh! Congratulations!"

Me:"Well, no. Not congratulations."

Vae:"And you enjoy fornications, though, don't you? And that's what you do with Ilottat and Jinthinia, isn't it?"

Me:"Did with Ilottat, if you please."

Vae:"And why not any more? And is he not very good at it?"

Me:"Oh, he's better than Jinthinia, really. But we broke up for other reasons."

Vae:"And this 'broke up' means no more fornications?"

Me:"Well, that's usually part of it."

Vae:"And will he be at the parties?"

Me:"The parties?"

Vae:"The upper-class fornication parties that you are now working at!"

Me:"Oh, those. No. I won't be doing that."

Vae:"And the Duke does not mind?"

Me:"The Duke?"

Vae:"And the Duke is the one who you are fornicating at parties for, is he not? Just the way you are ambassadoring at me for the same Duke?"

Me:"Oh, dearie... No, not the duke. Just Tethezai. I feel no obligation to fornicate on Tethezai's command."

How it should have gone

Vae:"Of course not. But on the Duke's?"

Me:"Only if it were part of my official duties, and I were getting suitably reimbursed for it."

Vae:(delicate courtly laughter)

How it actually went


Me:"Yeek! What was that?"

Vae:"A casiant it was."

Me:"A what's-that-now it was?"

Vae:"The spell to make you repugnant to Rassimel."

Me:"Yeek! Take it off!"

Vae:"And do you want Rassimel now? To go with the Orrens?"


Vae:"The spell is helpful to you, then."


Vae:"And why is it not helpful?"

Me:"It's mind magic! It's illegal!"


Me:"Yeek! What did you do?"

Vae:"The spell now just makes you look repugnant to Rassimel. Not an easy spell, is that!"

I looked. No, it wasn't an easy spell. If most people looked at me, they'd see me. If a Rassimel looked at me, they'd see...

Me:"Vae? Why did you think it would be helpful for me to look like a pile of ripped-up lamb entrails to Rassimel?"

Vae:"The Rassimel won't find that appealing, I think!"

Me:"No, that they will not. They will find it even more unappealing to, say, have a pile of ripped-up lamb entrails fly into their shop and try to buy sweetmeats and children's books for a nendrai. Even if I wanted magical help -- which I do not! -- I wouldn't want this broad a spell. Most Rassimel who see me, see me socially."

Vae:"And were you not upset about being made a public institution?"

Me:"Well, being told that Tethezai thought I ought to be. Not that any Rassimel has ever particularly wanted to fornicate with me. Tethezai just thought I should be available in case any did."

Vae:"Not a bit of understanding primes is with me."

Me:"Me neither, or at least not Rassimel. Still, take this spell off of me, and I won't have The Conversation at you."

Vae:"The excellent!" She started reciting The Conversation herself, in silly voices and relatively few glass tears, as she moved the fancy illusion spell. One of the trees would look like a pile of ripped-up lamb entrails to Rassimel for years to come.

I replied with detailed explanations. I'm fairly sure that she understood, by the end, that (a) Vheshrame does not hold official city-sponsored sex parties; (b) I'm faithful to Jinthinia; (c) the duke doesn't run my personal life.

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