Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Dusty[17 Nivvem 4261]

Dustweed:"Stop $@$$@#ing smirking at me, you *#@#%# lizard."

Me:"I beg your pardon?"

Dustweed doesn't usually swear at me. Especially not at breakfast. This is for two reasons: (1) Dustweed doesn't usually swear at all, and (2) Dustweed isn't often at breakfast. Oh, and I suppose (3) I am one of Dustweed's main friends and confidantes.

Dustweed:"You're smirking at me. Smugly."

Me:"I am?"

Dustweed:[tossing down zir spoon and crossing zir antennae]"It sure looked like it to me. Maybe I'm just a bit touchy."

Me:"Is something wrong?"

Dustweed:"STOP IT!!" She slammed her chalice on the table so hard the stem broke, and it spilled hot kathia all over her hand.

I bravely hid under a chair. I may be getting used to a nendrai flying off the handle like that, but not a roommate. Not a kathia chalice, either, for that matter.

Me:"Um ... stop what?"

Dustweed:"Of course something's wrong. I'm wrong. I've always been wrong, and I'll always be wrong, and there's nothing that anyone can do about it."

Me:"Um ... yes ... I know ... I'm sorry ... but, um, why are you getting so mad at me?"

Dustweed:"Why are you always smirking about your new girlfriend?"

Me:"Because, um, well, this is the first time I've ever had a nice sweetie that I actually like and who actually likes me?"

Dustweed:"I do not want to hear about your nice sweetie!"

Me:"Um ... Is Tethezai being bad to you again?"

Dustweed:"Tethezai has not changed one single bit."

Me:"Um ... I'm sorry, Dustweed, but was that a yes or a no?"

Dustweed:"Tethezai is being Tethezai. With Claryelle."

Me:"Oh, heavens, Dustweed..." I slithered out from under the chair and tried to hug zir, which, considering that zie's many times my size, is not an easy matter

Dustweed:"Not bad enough that she's always off sleeping with people, but why does she have to pick one of my out-and-out enemies?"

Me:"Did you mention that fact to her?"

Dustweed:"We had a big fight about it, as you would have heard if you weren't off gallivanting with your gallivantee. Tethezai is sure that she can, somehow, persuade Claryelle to join us in our bed. Which is supposed to be a present for me."

Me:"A present for you?"

Dustweed:"I was whining to her about not really being traff. So she bounces up and decides she's going to get me a Herethroy or two."

Me:Extensive sympathies, expressed in terms which seem to have some effect but come out terribly saccherine when written down.

Dustweed:After considerable Zi Ri effort, acknowledges being slightly comforted.

Ensemble:A united expression that Tethezai is the utterly insane Rassimel, just like all of them.

(Ensemble includes Jarmiet (Cani) and Ghirbis Vlaan (Rassimel) by this point.)

And I still got to Enchantment class in time.

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