Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Interrogations, cont cont cont cont cont [12 Nivvem 4261]

justicezero -- So what, dare I ask, were the topics of discussion on the floor?

I am a hideously inadequate spy, and failed, somehow, to take detailed notes. Here are the ones I remember overhearing:

  1. What the Duke is wearing today, or, perhaps, some other day. This is an obligatory topic of conversation among the upper classes in any polite city. It is occasionally extended to other important people as well.
  2. What that big and indecent illusion of the Duke was wearing, and how plausible or implausible it would be for the actual Duke to wear such a thing. I'm sure I inspired this conversation, since it's one of my most newsworthy events.
  3. Where in Vheshrame one may get the best vanilla-crusted salmon. (Answer: Darraden's. Answer rejected on grounds of practicality. Alternatives are available but none is uniformly preferred.)
  4. Whether mail by mail-tree shall become obsolete if certain Locador theories pan out. I didn't understand this one, perhaps because I was not involved.
  5. The delightful properties (spoken by the Orren) or unendurable foolishness (spoken by the Rassimel) of the latest Water-Tree collection, published last week.
  6. Whether chimeront leather can actually be healed by standard leather-repair spells.
  7. Whether the chicken sausages made by the Herethroy vendor in the Halflight Market are safe to eat or not. (Offhand, I would guess not -- a Herethroy, unable to taste her own sausages, would be a poor choice of sausage-maker.)

Notably absent were any particularly adventurey conversations. [Bard is confused by this, as the chimeront leather conversation is distinctly of concern to adventurers.]

[info]chipuni -- Could you ask Tennis to relay any stories associated with the Epee's equipment -- the most unusual (mis?)uses of the equipment, the stories that they would tell if they could? (Or, if the equipment can talk, ask it for its most surprisisng stories...)

The next time I'm chatting casually with him, I shall do so.

(anon) What is the average lifespan of adventurers who are members of that club? I bet it's short enough to disturb a certain dragonet we're all fond of.

I didn't ask specifically.

From what Dargwyn says, sensible professional adventurers either die in the first few years, or retire. Overall the numbers are more or less equal. Those who approach the topic sensibly tend to survive, though. I would guess that getting engaged to a four-armed pseudo-Orren in another dimension isn't terribly sensible. I don't know about ambassadoring at a nendrai.

Yes, I am disturbed.

No, I'm not going to go on any unnecessary adventures.

(anon, and on) Another fun question: how many Orren are members


Yes, I somehow asked that.

"Planning my replacement, are you, Sythyry?" asked Jinthinia, when we were in private.

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