Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Interrogations, cont cont cont cont [12 Nivvem 4261]

cattitude -- Are you going back? Are you considering joining?

I haven't been back ... well, it's just the next morning. I have no particular plans of going back, nor any great plans for not going back.

I suppose I should be more cold and calculating about this. Very well, let me calculate.

The club is for adventurers. I am not quite sure whether or not I am truly an adventurer. I mean, I can be a transaffectionate or an adventurer, and my ~mother~ probably won't bite my left ear off, but if I do both? In the same year, yet?

More likely, I am in denial. Still, it's been plenty of work to get used to being traff this year. I do not want to do the same work about adventuring until much later!

More practicalities: the advantages of the club are thus:

Advantage How That Applies For Me Cold Calculational Score
Social Contacts in the adventuring life Well, I'm not particularly looking for help at adventuring, and I've got plenty of advice thrown at me in my "Sorcery in a Present Time" class. I suppose that it might, at some point, be vital for me to go find someone who can spellweave something to cure my tail being turned into a miniature model of a fern bar in the middle of the night without asking any questions. The club is good for that. +1
Lending adventuring equipment It's all sized and shaped for people much more bipedal than I am. And much larger. Except for a very nice set of lockpicks which I could use. Well, I could use them if I had a single clue about how to pick locks. -3
Finding adventuring jobs I do not need adventuring jobs! I have more than I want! -3
Finding adventuring companions My adventures don't currently require companions. Except that stupid one with about the doilies. I suppose I might need more companions later. I think I'm more likely to be acquired as a companion for someone else's purposes. I rather want to keep that to a minimum. -1
Adequate food I can get better food at better restaurants closer to home. -1

So, coldly and calculatingly, it doesn't look terribly promising for joining the club.

Which means, I probably will do it if a sufficiently nice Orren asks me.

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