Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Interrogations, cont cont cont [12 Nivvem 4261]

terrycloth -- Did Jinthinia find a job, there? Also, did you meet any of your classmates from Doom 101?

Jinthinia did not find a job there. She didn't actually look; this was more by way of her bringing me to her club for a clandestine date. Or, if they know her reputation, or mine, a non-clandestine date. She was going to look, but she forgot about it until after we had left.

Sorcery in a Present Time is not Doom 101. Doom 101 is "Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid".  Sorcery in a Present Time is Doom 202 (practicum).  There was some discussion of an expedition to rescue Fiarel, the Sorcery in a Present Time student currently trapped in a parallel universe. It was hampered by the fact that the largest part of Fiarel's trappitude is the fact that she has fallen in love with a green-furred para-Orren prince of that universe, and is generally too busy saving him from an assortment of melodramatic fates, many of them worse than death, and most of them surely involving being pinioned revealingly on altars and/or lab tables in front of hideous gadgetry by laughing priests/scientists.

Well, most of this is just conjecture. The last time she visited her parents and Dargwyn and such, she explained the situation, but most of us are getting it about fifth-hand ... which means that it's as if a Khtsoyis were explaining it, since nobody else has more than four hands.

Nobody seems to consider her involvement with a green-furred para-Orren prince to be unseemly, which, unaccountably, irritates me a great deal at the moment. How is it that this para-Orren prince -- who, in addition to green fur, has four arms -- how is it that he qualifies as being Orren enough for the daughter of a decent Vheshrame fishmonger to love? He is not even a prime! He is just a sort of primelike analog for that universe!

Yet, Jinthinia -- a woman of the same social class as this Fiarel, as far as I can tell -- can't properly mention that she's dating a Zi Ri.

The grump!

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