Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Interrogations [12 Nivvem 4261]

Everyone decided to ask me a question about the Adventurer's Club.


Ghirbis's Question: When are you leaving for the Terrible Wilds of Draughador to slay the beautiful Princess Scrambolina and rescue the Terrible Dragon of Dundergrax from the clutches of the fabled Green Ruby of Argon.

The Answer: I am pretty sure that I have already left.


Anoof's Question: Which Cani did you meet there?

Me:"Tennis, and ... a black-furred gentleman with a longsword ... and ... um ... a brown-furred one in a pointy hat ... and ..."

Anoof:"Names? Scents?"

Me:"I'm sure they had some!"

Anoof:"I daresay that they did. How can you go to a social club and not pay attention to social things?"

Me:"I was mostly ogling my girlfriend?"

Anoof:"Alas, Zi Ri!"


Vae:"And is anyone planning to kill me?"


Vae:"And how do you know? Not a glance at the book you got!"

Me:"Well, I guess I don't know."

Vae:"If they are, will you tell me?"

Me:"I will. I think."

Vae:"I would be glad if you did."

Me:"I wouldn't be glad of any such situation. "


Rhedwy:"Do you get laid?"

Me:"This is a topic that does not need discussion."

Rhedwy:"At L'Epee Epicee there is a very convenient large closet on the top floor. Use it when you collect an Orren there!"

Me:"Did you?"

Rhedwy:"I collect a Herethroy there! Four times!"

Me:"Perhaps a strong caustic soap will scrub such knowledge from my mind. Perhaps."

Rhedwy:"If you truly wish privacy, use this strong caustic soap to scrub Orren-scent from your feathers!"

Me:"Oh, dear."


What did you want to know about it?

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