Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sex and Adventuring[9 Hivvem 4261]

The Presentation of the Cake

Naturally, I brought Vae a Nihondras Day Cake (from Flooooosh). She seemed quite pleased with it, and not just in the obligatory way. A little taste of prime civilization for the monster, I guess.

Vae:"And is it not Rassimels who are supposed to provide these cakes for everyone else?"

Me:"That is the tradition, to be sure. Should I turn into a Rassimel? I have Cloak of Another God grafted." That may sound like boasting, but was not. I wanted to avoid all thought that she should transform me, even helpfully to save a cley. I'm not quite so cley-starved these days, but Vae has heard me complain when I was.

Vae:"And would you?"

So I flew myself and the cake behind a bush, and turned into a Rassimel girl. A clothes-deprived Rassimel girl, naturally. I didn't feel confident enough to create clothing. I am fairly sure how many arms and legs and wings and tails Rassimel have (2,2,0,1), but further details are beyond me. Making a big square of plain cloth and trying to wrap it around me would probably make me feel more naked than actually being naked, and twice so when it would fall off.

At any rate, I got quite a delighted squeal from the monster when I gave her the cake again. She turned a chipmunk into a plate and a breeze into a knife and a blade of grass into a skewer, and a nendrai into an Orren girl, and a ladybug into a green dress, and, when she realized I was naked, a green dress into a ladybug.

Fortunately, my girlfriend is an adventurer, and one who reads the papers. Otherwise this would have looked like a sleazy little cake-sharing traff encounter in the woods.

The Angst

I don't like my job very much today. I feel rather like a low-grade prostitute, with the following exceptions:

  1. I don't get paid as much as a low-grade prostitute would get paid. (I suppose this will get better when I learn to embezzle properly.) (Or perhaps it will change when-and-if I get around to doing the accounting and seeing how much I get paid.) (On a third hand -- pretend that I had changed to a Herethroy -- I don't know how much a low-grade prostitute gets paid, or, even, how much one gets hired for.)
  2. I don't get to enjoy any actual sex. Again, this is a multi-faceted difference. I would very much rather not play with Vae. I don't know if actual low-grade prostitutes enjoy the physical aspect of their job -- I'd guess the sometimes do at least.
  3. I don't get any variety in customers.
  4. I get written up in the broadsheets for it.

There might be some other differences, but I can't think of them now.


The Invitation

Strenata invited me to L'Épée Épicée as her guest.

Me:"Actually I'm going to be Jinthinia's guest."

Strenata:"Make sure her membership's properly paid up! She's not always a member in good standing."

Me:"And you are?"

Strenata:"Oh, always."

This I found perplexing, as Strenata is not a libertine at all -- rather the contrary -- and in particular has never been interested in other species. Or, at least, Zi Ri. How is it that she was always a member of this L'Épée Épicée place? I risked mentioning the topic:

Me:"I didn't know you do that kind of thing."

Strenata:[Quite huffy!]"Well, I do. For the city."

Me:"But not for fun? Not with a friend?"

Strenata:"What do you mean by that? Well, it's exhilirating at best, but miserable at worst, and the stuff for the city is often of the worst. And yes, with a friend -- Rhedwy's a friend. And you and I have had an adventure or two together, for that matter -- that time we dealt with Vae. So when Rhedwy suggested that you ought to come to L'Épée Épicée, I thought I should be the one to invite you. It's usually an adventuring companion.

Um ... oops. I guess it's not a pervert's club, but an adventurer's club. I suppose I should be glad I figured it out, say, before I got there.

I guess I should go see what it's about, alas.

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