Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Nihondras Day: Cake [9 Nivvem 4261]

Nihondras Day proper!

Rassimel Friend Cake
Ghirbis Vlaan Traditional Yistreian Nihondras Day cake. That's what she said anyways. She and Jarmiet were baking early in the morning, and at lunchtime I got to see and taste the fearsome thing. It was properly plump, and stuffed with all the usual things and lots and lots of candied garlic and candied ginger as well. And it was covered with arhoolie leaves made out of marzipan, and dusted -- just dusted -- with real arhoolie powder. Enough to tingle, but not enough to burn the top of your head off even if you're fireproof. Very good!
Thery, Yarwain, and Ficina A simple traditional cake, purchased simply and traditionally from Flooooosh. Decorated with tiny marzipan figs and dolls. Ficina was allowed to get tiny, tiny slices of marzipan fig and doll, and she was grinning and gigging as she waved them around and sometimes got them in or near her mouth.
Levande A big fancy countess-style cake. I didn't actually get to do more than wave a wing to Levande across a crowded room. She was wearing a fancy countess gown, and recieving important visitors. Like the Duke. Yes, I am on Nihondras Day terms with a Rassimel that's on Nihondras Day terms with the Duke.
Thelvion A simple traditional cake, purchased simply and traditionally from Flooooosh. No decoration. Thelvion couldn't think of what to decorate it with. I did spend a third of an hour chatting privately with him about whether or not he's allowed to serve Nihondras Day cake, and whether he'd be lynched if it was discovered what he was. The conclusion was that he's already as doomed as possible, so he might as well serve cake.
Esory Esory doesn't really like Nihondras Day that much. She brought a segment of her family's cake, and gave it to people who looked wanty. She seemed so fearsome and displeased about the whole thing that I asked to sit on her shoulder instead, explaining that I was stuffed already. (Not true! I know how to be moderate.) We neeped Enchantment and a bit of traff-stuff. She was annoyed enough at Nihondras Day to out-and-out scowl when I talked about Jinthinia. Or, perhaps, her mysterious secret crush is insisting that she serve him cake.
Iska Forgot about Nihondras Day. What a geek!
Nestrune A princely huge cake, which he had two hired Herethroy servants carrying around. It was calculated as a diplomatic gesture, not a dessert, to be precisely 12/11 as glorious as Levande's cake. I am fairly sure that the highest-ranked Rassimels of Vheshrame colluded to produce cakes of equivalent impressiveness, and that Nestrune spied on the collusion and outdid them all. In any case, the cake was gilded. With actual shavings of metallic gold. I couldn't taste the gold. I liked Thery's cake better, to say nothing of Levande's, but that's the company.
Jrakh A bit of a surprise here -- Jrakh was quite friendly to me, and distinctly apologetic about the prank she played. Her cake is from Flooooosh's bakery, too, and unsurprising.
Tethezai Tethezai and Dustweed were locked in Dustweed's room, discussing something in low urgent terms. I didn't see Tethezai or her cake.
Rhedwy No, Rhedwy's not a Rassimel, and Rhedwy didn't provide cake. Rhedwy ate cake. Also Rhedwy invited me to L'Épée Épicée as her guest. I smirked at her and explained that I had a better offer, and that I hadn't tired of Orren yet. Dratted Sleeth, going on heat and making passes at everyone she thinks is sufficiently transaffectionate!
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