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[6 Nivvem 4261]

I didn't say anything about last night's date, of course. With three Cani in the house, I didn't need to.

Most people:"Yay! Sythyry's got a new Orrenfriend!"

There's a bit of a smirk at that phrase "Orrenfriend". It's not a common word. Usually one would use a word like "lover" or "sweetie" or what have you. If one is Orren, one's lovers and sweeties and what have you are presumed to be Orren, so there's rarely a point to explaining their species... unless, I suppose, one were an Orren accused of being traff and wanted to emphasize that one's lovers were in fact the same species. Conversely, the lovers of non-Orren aren't usually Orren, so it would be downright silly to call them Orrenfriends. For my roommates to use the word emphasizes that I'm traff.

And, today, that pleases me. I think I'm doing it right!

Agrimony:"I should never have moved in here."

Dustweed:"I am pleased to wholly agree with you on that point. My reputation will suffer from living with you."

Agrimony:"What foolishness is that you say, both-female?"

Dustweed snarled and stomped out of the room.

The Cani then chivvied Agrimony out of the room. "Disagreeable bug, that," said Anoof, and that was that.

Under the Arkens

I usually go to school twice in a day: the first time before dawn, to do Enchantment lab; the second after coming home for lunch. Usually in the morning I'm flying as fast as I can, for I rarely get moving as quickly as I should -- especially after a date! -- and Enchantment cannot be started late. After lunch, I am rarely in quite such a hurry, and am likely to walk with a friend or two.

Today, that meant Dustweed. Specifically, that meant that Dustweed quite shyly asked if zie could accompany me, for she wanted to talk a bit. My reputation is more or less unmendable at this point, so I allowed her to.

Dustweed:"You remember that I didn't come to your Traff Society."

Sythyry:"Probably wise, for there was a lot of doom at that meeting, even by my standards. Did anyone tell you what happened to Thelvion?"

Dustweed:"No, but let's leave it aside. I can't imagine anything interesting happening to Thelvion. I had made some excuse or other, I don't remember what."

Me:"Yes, and ironically it was ..."

Dustweed:"Well, the real reason is that I'm really not traff and really never was."

Me:"Much as I hate to compare you to anyone I have ever dated, you sound a bit like someone I have dated. Just as a matter of fact, what would you call your involvement with Tethezai?"

Dustweed:"I would call it the act of an insecure and easily-seduced young insect."

Me:"The initial seduction, maybe. But you've kept at it for a year."

Dustweed:"I've been reluctant to throw it away for over a year. Despite Tethezai's frequent excursions outside of it. Despite never really lusting for her that much. Despite an extra helping of scorn in my already plentifully filled scorn-bowl. Despite a dozen smaller things." She sounded like she was on the edge of tears. I immediately worried about getting bloodstains everywhere, which serves only to show that I am spending too much time with Vae.

Me:"Are you thinking of breaking up with her?"

Dustweed:"I've been thinking of it since we started." Which sounded like a Herethroy village euphemism for either "I want to dump her right now." or "The thought has crossed my mind once, but I forgot it."

Me:"I'm not from your native village. I don't know what you mean by that."

Dustweed:"Just what I said."

So much for my Comprehension of Herethroy. Orren are much easier. Slinkier, too.

Me:"Are you planning to break up with her?"

Dustweed:"Would you think I was disloyal if I did?"

Me:"I will admit that I am uncertain about how you could loyally break up with someone. But I will also admit that I don't see why you're being Cani about this. If you're breaking up with someone, you don't need to be loyal to them."

Dustweed:"Not to her. To you."

Me:"I beg your pardon?"

Dustweed:"I'm not very serious, but you do boast about how traff our house is."

Me:"Oh, I'll still have Ghirbis. And Enziet. Let's not forget Enziet. As long as you're not going to join Agrimony's League of Public and Private Decency, I shouldn't feel too doomed."

Dustweed:"Also it will make my parents happy."

Me:"I didn't know you wanted to make your parents happy."

Dustweed:"I don't. That's a reason for not doing it. Also I, well, don't have a second plan."

Me:"I could try to hook you up with Thelvion."

Dustweed:"Um ... Sythyry? If I were having a Rassimel, I'd much rather have an interesting, enthusiastic one who loves me already. Even if she is as faithful as five Sleeth."

Me:"Well ... more on that later, I think."

Dustweed:"Do you have a crush on Thelvion, O traff lizard?"

Me:"No, but I owe him something."

Dustweed:"And you would use me as a good payment?"


Dustweed:"Ah, then you say I would make bad payment?"


Dustweed:"How is it that you haven't insulted that nendrai to the point of killing you?" Fortunately zie was laughing.

Me:"Yeek! Nendrai! It's the sixth! I need to skip class and do some shopping for her!"

Dustweed:"I think that's a good excuse. Happy shopping and monster-tending!"

Me:"Happy dumping!"

Dustweed:"Not yet. Maybe sometime."

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