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Home-Cooked Meal, Home-Cooked Dragon [5 Nivvem 4261]

I hereby ignore some minor drama in classes and such.

Jinthinia lives in an apartment building. It ought to all be Rassimel, and once it probably was, but now it's a kind of a mix -- some Cani from Daukrhame who are here for a few months, some single Herethroy day-laborers from the countryside, lots of Rassimel still. And one sweet traff Orren.

The building itself is a bit shabby, which, I suppose, is not entirely unfair. The neighborhood, too, is a bit shabby. It's more or less on the other side of the Academy from where I live -- the side that doesn't have very many students living there at all, and certainly none of the ones who can afford to live on my side. My side has Floosh's bakery, and all the bookstores, and all the spellstores, and most of the good restaurants, and all like that. The other side has much less for students. It's close to the tailors' district, but even Prince Nestrune doesn't need that convenient access to the tailors' district.

Jinthinia's apartment has one room, plus four little cubbies. One cubby is the kitchen. She's got a lot of counters and cabinets, a small water-barrel, a carrying yoke tossed in the corner, and three fireskins. Two of them have reasonable grills over them for cooking. The third is one she's had for twenty years and a dozen apartments. The second cubby is the washroom, which we need not describe in detail. The third is a clothes-closet. I will not describe it in detail either. I was not in the closet. The fourth is a pantry. I could describe that in detail, for Jinthinia's cooking had gone more slowly than she intended, and she sent me into the pantry chasing spices and bush salt and shrimp flakes.

Oh, and there's the main room. It's got a table, a fireplace, a bed, a shelf with a few whittled sculptures of her son and a few assorted artments by her son on it, and that's about all. When I told my housemates about it, Dustweed asked, "That's all? No books?" No, no books.

And she's a quite respectable cook. She made a salad of lettuce, pondweed, raisins, and grilled chub-beetles with vinegar; three grilled buskies that she caught herself in one of the municipal ponds this afternoon; a mhorhy simmered in leftover wine, with some grilled zucchini; a sweet hosh pudding, with cream.

Me:"It was pretty good, too?"

Tethezai:"Will she replace Darraden's?"

Me:"In my affections, I think, though not culinarily.."

Anoof:"Still, if that's a fancy diner to impress a new lover, she's not very rich at all."

Me:"Neither are your fiance's relatives. Havune's, I mean." Enziet's are just as poor, but that seemed less polite to talk about.


And we talked about adventuring, mostly. We're sort of in different classes of adventurer, the way we're in different social classes. I go stumble on nendrai's secrets and meet the duke and steal doilies that I (which is to say, the Duke) have paid for and suchlike stuff.

Jinthinia is a lot more practical than me. Here's what she said she did:

  1. Some agricultural sabotage. The first fresh omodjen fruit of the season fetch a quite high price. Three Herethroy villages in the area grow them. One of those villages wanted the other two villages' crops delayed by a few days, for greater profit. Jinthinia and others arranged that, by means of minor bits of sabotage and vinegar-sprinkling.
  2. Some guard work, helping various villages' animals and children not get eaten by various predators. Nobody can argue with this.
  3. Searching for valuable whatnots in the near Verticals, and coming back with a pack full of glirries and interesting herbs. She was coy about exactly what, but probably wenezza, the aphrodesiac. At least, she got married about then, got knocked up about then, and had her first and second Herethroy lovers about then.
  4. Recovering things stolen from Vheshrame merchants in Daukrhame by Daukrhame thieves, more cheaply than the thieves would sell them back to the merchants for.
  5. Helping a certain nobleman hunt and kill a certain trophysome predator. He want to be thought of as a great hunter and a mighty and effective noble. Actually, I thought he was that. No -- he + Jinthinia + a couple others is that.
  6. Kidnapped the favorite cat of the Baron of Ballinger, so his wife could rescue it dramatically. This was evidently the wife's scheme to restore good relations between herself and the Baron, and evidently it worked.

I think that's only a fraction of it -- she seems to get involved in odd little schemes on a very regular basis.

After Dinner

Yes, and very nicely too, considering that she doesn't have Illotat's theoretical or practical grounding in the topic. Why do you ask?

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