Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Melodrama Already! [3 Nivvem 4261]

I woke to find a letter stabbed to the inside of my bedroom door, impaled on a meng-nut knife. This immediately caught my attention. There weren't any spells on it, so I looked more closely.

The knife itself was one of the cooking knives from the kitchen.

The letter said,

Sorry for deserting you last night. I hope it helps your romantic life. Jinthinia is a friend of mine. She's good people. She's kind of poor though. Impress her with your wealth. Starting with buying me dinner last night. Good luck!
-- Thestra

Everyone needs a friend like Thestra to ... to ... um ... I have no idea what. Use their cooking knives in exceptional ways, perhaps.

So, where should I take Jinthinia?

  • Darraden's is, as I have discovered to my doom, exceedingly good for seductions. It's hideously expensive and I don't think I have enough social clout to get a table there tonight.
  • Gounne Gousse is good, but relatively strange. It's fancy and expensive, which is goudde. It's not that goudde, though ... or rather, it makes stuff that's only goudde if you've got a rather jaded palette. Maybe something a bit more straightforward.
  • Candledance is fun, but not a place suited for lingering. I hope we do a bit of lingering.
  • Yistreian cuisine is hot these days, with Tamvaus and Some Kind of Largesse being the most familiar examples. Yistreian cuisine is hot in other ways too. Perhaps Jinthinia has taken a vow, "Lips which kiss arhoolie will never kiss mine!"
  • Inviting her to Shfreyn's would be overly dramatic. I would need some assistance. It would surely prove my adventuring credentials quite well!
  • Ghu Navage Ghu ... well, when I took Zanniajaia there, we lingered a lot and made fun of the spells. Actually, that's a good choice. I think the food was pretty good, even if you're not looking at all the spells. Hopefully I won't slip and call Jinthinia as Zanniajaia if we go there.

Or call her "Ilottat". That would be very embarrassing.

Yes -- Ghu Navage Ghu it will be, or doom!

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