Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Threstra is my Matchmaker [2 Nivvem 4261]

I've seen Jinthinia a dozen times at Across Saga, but we'd barely talked. I've seen Thestra three dozen times at Across Saga -- I guess that Across Saga is her pack -- and we've talked quite a few times of course. But Jinthinia hadn't been coming for a few weeks, not that much since Thestra and I have gotten friendly.

Last night (I am writing this on 3 Nivvem 4261), I was having some snacks with Thestra in Across Saga, and Jinthinia strolled in and waved to Thestra. So Thestra jumped up and dragged her over and introduced at us for a while. So we talked for a while, and then Thestra quite helpfully discovered that Denaist had expected her home an hour ago, and trotted off. Leaving us with the tab, of course. Jinthinia and I had some more brandy, and I payed Thestra's tab, and we smooched a couple times rather gingerly and decided to meet tonight.

So, some details are in order. Jinthinia is an Orren woman, perhaps ten years older than me. She's tall and thin. She doesn't have any spots -- or at least, she doesn't have anywhere that shows when she's wearing fall clothes. She's sort of creamy-brown on her frontside, and a deep chocolate brown on her back.

She's got a very complicated name.

  1. "Jinthinia" is a common enough Orren name.
  2. "Blackhands". This one perplexed me somewhat.

    Me:"But, your hands? They are a sort of creamy-brown on the palms and a deep chocolate brown on the backs."

    Jinthinia:"Not always! Often they are black, black, black as the Ace of Dooms!"

    Me:"How is that?"

    Jinthinia:"A girl must have her little mysteries!"

    Me:"Fortunately I am neither girl nor boy, and need not be the least bit mysterious."

    Jinthinia:"You're not?"

    I simply smiled mysteriously. I think her eyes lit up.

  3. "Dauriske's Bane". She is an adventurer, or so Thestra says. She actually killed a dauriske, which is a sort of horrible poisonous mock-Herethroy nasty thing.
  4. "Finfianc's Bane". This one is more serious. A finfianc is a big carnivorous fish, big and dangerous enough to kill Orren now and then. She killed one that was being a problem for her aunt's village. She had help killing it.
  5. "Dorner's Bane". This one ... well, Dorner's is a strong and none-too-expensive brandy. She drank a whole bottle of it in a third of an hour on a dare once.
  6. "Kirrit's Bane". Kirret is her main former husband. She didn't kill him, she simply divorced him very fiercely.

Now, most of the time, Jinthinia is one of the inkers for the Howling Horn of Hressh-Huu. When the paper is being printed, Jinthinia puts thick sticky ink on big leather pillow things, and bops the reversed image of the text with them, and then someone else uses some levers and things to press a sheet of paper on the text. That's why "Blackhands" -- her hands are usually black with inkstains.

She does go on adventures now and then -- she's been on four or five I think. "Nothing like yours, Sythyry," she said. They've never gotten written up in her broadsheet, or saved the city from a giant illusionary duke peeing on it, or anything like that. I hope I hear more about them tomorrow.

I also hope I hear more about her previous marriages, and just how traff she is. She is an Across Saga regular, so presumably she must be.

Also, she kisses a Zi Ri without a bit of hesitation. I like this in an Orren.

Thestra being helpful, by the way, not stealing from me. Not simply stealing, anyways. She was giving me a chance to show off that I am not just a Zi Ri, I am a reasonably wealthy Zi Ri. Jinthinia, in Thestra's whispered opinion, respects that.

So, am I doomed?

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