Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Disclaimer [2 Nivvem 4261]

You may have heard the rumors that I was seen with (depending on which version you heard), either a young Orren woman, an Orren woman of my own age, or an Orren woman of my popularly-imagined age. I'm pretty sure that the latter would be very old for an Orren.

Many of these rumors suggest that the Orren woman in question was Ilottat's former girlfriend -- that mysterious and presumably beautiful Orren woman often called "Noble Honey".

As for the more general rumors of an Orren woman ... I shall not, this moment, address them.

But she -- if she exists at all -- is not Noble Honey. As you surely recall, Noble Honey is me.

And I've never dated myself, you see.

Well, that's not strictly true. I have, once or twice, been known to take myself out for a nice dinner. Sometimes in company, and sometimes alone -- and not employing the services of a chaperone, either. Now and then, there might even be a puppet show or some other such harmless entertainment afterwards.

But I assure you that everything involved in these nice dinners was entirely proper and decent. Even the puppet shows.

Well, even most of the puppet shows.

And certainly there was no flirting involved between me and myself at these dinners. They were conducted in a wholly decorous manner.

Afterwards? Ah, and now you ask about afterwards?

Afterwards ... I blush my whiskers to admit it, and that's not an easy thing for a blue lizard to do ... afterwards, once or twice, yes, I did invite myself to bed.

Sometimes, even, the invitation was accepted. Perhaps hesitantly ... perhaps reluctantly ... perhaps, sometimes, even, eagerly.

Ah, and now you ask about ensuing passionate matters?

Well, you must remember that I am transaffectionate, and, as a general rule, I am the same species as myself. This is not a good foundation for passionate matters between the one of us.

But sometimes, yes, I am not the same species as myself.

Any suggestions or thoughts of sneaky eager fumbling between me and my-Orren-self are, of course, not to be discussed further. So I shan't.

But I definitely had too much brandy tonight.

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