Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which Vae Is A Monster, Redux, part 7 [27 Hivvem 4261]

Me:"Why were you fighting a ghurmanesh? Aren't they kind of burny and painful?"

Vae:"The burny and painful they are. And what is a monster to do? And should I have no hoard, for fear of a few burns?"

Ghurmanesh can produce seven-winged burning things, among many other incendiary insidiosities. Or maybe they're insidious incendiosities. It takes an expert to tell which is which, and I claim no such expertise.

Still, I had my own monster to defeat, and not a ghurmanesh either.

Me:"You went and fought a ghurmanesh to steal its hoard?"

Vae:"Not that, no."

Me:"How did you get our new hoard, then?"

Vae:"The far more violently than I had expected!"

Me:"Do tell?"

Vae:"Don't complain?"

Me:"Why not?"

Vae:"Not so well will you like all of it, I think. Not that you've any great cause."

Me:"Well, I promise not to assault you a seven-winged burning thing over it."

Vae:"Not moral superiority either, please."

Me:"That power is much harder to restrain, but I shall do what I can do."

Vae:"For I don't wish to be crying around my hoard, look you. The anywhere else will I cry, will I or nill I, but if you start to make me cry here, it's elsewhere I'll teleport you. And without asking."

Me:"I can't have that."

Vae:"Not any answer will I tell you, then."

Me:"Nope, I want to know. I hereby ask you to teleport me back to the meeting-grove if you're getting close to tears."

Vae:"And what?"

Me:"I asked. Now you can't do it without being asked."

Vae:"As mighty prime heroes and wizards go, you are very much the lawyer."

Me:"The sophomore, anyways."

So: The fan was made by a ghurmanesh on the world-branch Rarinteia. I don't quite know where Rarinteia is; it's not very close to here. Vae tried to sneak in to his workshop to steal it, in the form of a small, doubtless cute, and exceedingly dangerous mouse. She is as good a sneakiste as I am weightliftiste. Her small and doubtless cute mouse was wrapped in mighty Locador spells that anyone sensitive to magic would notice from an infinite distance away. The ghurmanesh probably didn't know she was a nendrai. We couldn't figure out what he actually thought she was. In any case, he tried to toast her. She got scorched, grabbed the fan instead of the grace of Flokin she had come for, and teleported away.

Poor ghurmanesh.

Me:"Why did you want a grace of Flokin?"

Vae:"The first grace in my collection it will be, like. It's all seven-and-twelve I want to have."

Me:"Are you sure you're not a Rassimel?"

Vae:"Not any sort of Rassimel am I. If you're trying to make me cry, it's harder you will have to work than that."

Me:"I'm far too lazy."

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