Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which Vae Is A Monster, Redux, part 6 [27 Hivvem 4261]

Vae's hoard -- I believe that's the right word -- continued with a few more oddments that did not bear such detailed discussion. You may take it as given that I examined and discussed each one as if Vae had been a Rassimel.

  1. A lily made out of leather and wood, which replaced all the scents of flesh with the scent of lily. For example, could use this lily in a butcher's shop, and clean up the stink of offal and spilled intestines -- or, just as equally, one could keep the Cani from sniffing which meat was fresh and which slightly less fresh. Or, one could place it in a lavatory. Or, if one were Cani and adulterous, one could place it in a bedroom to hide certain evidences. I daresay the lily could tell interesting stories if it could talk. Perhaps some year I will make such a lily that can talk.
  2. A perfectly ordinary wheel that makes a stream run uphill. It is marked, "Property of the Escraldyn Department of Flowing." You know as much about Escraldyn as I do -- or, if you have heard of the place before, you may well know more about Escraldyn than I do. It is impossible to know less. In any case, this is a recipe enchantment, not a great one, and quite a common sort of device in Departments of Flowing. I'm sure a similar one, marked "Property of the Vheshrame Department of Flowing", fills the Vheshrame reservoir.
  3. A perfectly ordinary lump of soggy brown wood which prevented fires in the area from spreading.
  4. A perfectly ordinary leather bracelet capable of turning one's fur much finer or coarser. Not that Vae has any fur, usually, and not that she couldn't manage about thirty infinities times as much herself.
  5. A perfectly ordinary brush that repairs broken wooden tools at a touch.
  6. A perfectly extraordinary bow -- a miniature bow, too small for even me to use -- that can hurl a log to a mile off, with great force and respectable aim. One might call this a siege weapon. One cannot think of too many other uses for it.

And then we came to the perfectly ordinary fan which turns a bonfire into a blazing horse capable of bearing the impressive weight of, well, I might or might not be able to ride it depending on how many poptaloops I had had the night before. Well, actually that one isn't perfectly ordinary. I've never heard of one like it before.

So I looked closer. Since I'm taking Dissection of Enchantments and all.

Well, you can do an enchantment without touching it, where by "touching" I mean "cupping in the fingers or tentacles". This is sometimes important, if you want to enchant a perpetually burning ruby. Actually, it's a bit more subtle than that. If you plan on not touching the object during a single day of enchantment, you should start the day's work with Perignen's Tactile Apology. Which takes about a twenty-seventh of an hour and no cley or anything. So, say, a Sleeth would just leave the item on the enchantment table, and do the Tactile Apology at the start of each day of enchantment, and that would be that. Pretty much nobody but Sleeth do that, unless, of course, it's something like a perpetually burning ruby that is bad to touch. Or for a classroom exercise. I've done it once.

Of course, it leaves little striations in one part of the enchantment, which are called De Perignen's Rings. I don't know where the "De" came from.

The burning horse fan had a full set of De Perignen's Rings, as if the enchanter had never ever touched the fan.

"Made by a Sleeth," I said. Which is reasonable, since Sleeth are good at Mutoc by virtue of their particularly good relationship with Gnarn. (Well, maybe not so good by Vae's terms, but Sleeth have a lot more free will than Vae does.) "There'll be signs of the maker's God Connection over here," I said, and pointed.

There weren't.

Actually, over on the obverse, there were signs that the maker was on awfully good terms with Flokin.

"No, it wasn't made by a Sleeth. Who was it made by?"

"And a ghurmanesh, maybe?" said Vae.

"There haven't been any ghurmanesh in Ketheria for a thousand years, I don't think," I said. Not that I'm an expert on monsters, except -- I flatter myself -- one particular monster. "This doesn't look that old. Under a century, I would guess."

"The likely!" said Vae.

"Also, since when did ghurmanesh know Enchantment?"

"Not asking was I, Sythyry."

"You met the ghurmanesh who made it?"

"In battle, the yes."

... I'm glad that she doesn't feel obliged to bring me along whenever she goes adventuring.

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