Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which Vae Is A Monster, Redux, part 5 [27 Hivvem 4261]

Vae:"Sythyry, now I shall compel you to say, 'Vae, why on wood have you that device?'"

Me:"If you want me to say it, I will, preferably without use of Mentador. I can be quite agreeable when the alternative is a powerful mind-changing spell!"

Vae:"The hurt! I will not use such magic on you -- you know that!"

Me:[In the Nice Language]"I am less certain of it than you are."

Vae:"The hurt! The I shall do it entirely without magic."

Me:"Physical threats would also suffice. You are far, far larger than me, and your claws are much more dangerous than my breath."

Vae:"The social hurt! I will simply show you my next treasures."

Me:"The apology! I will gladly observe and appreciate your treasures."

Vae:"Then, behold!"

In their natural state, they are small wooden cards -- playing cards, I suppose, though I don't know a game played with wooden cards showing pictures of furniture. When they are on the ground and the word "TXIRU" is pronounced while one is touching them, they become furniture. Six chairs, a quite nice formal table fitting six chairs, a portable gazebo, two couches, a bed fitting four, a bed fitting two, and a chest of drawers. Quite competent Mutoc Herbador work.

Me:"My, but that's quite competent Mutoc Herbador work."

Vae:"It is, truly."

Me:"I suppose I can say it now: 'Vae, why on wood does a nendrai have an assortment of Mutoc-based devices for making furniture ... furniture that mostly doesn't fit her very well, for that matter?' See, Vae, you have had your victory. But the question does remain."

Vae:"The it came with the other pieces, in fact. It's a set they were, like."

Me:"An odd sort of set that has a lake-purifier -- no matter how pretty --, a suite of furniture, a bow, and some healing ointment."

Vae:"The and other things!"

Me:"Will it make sense when I see all of them together?"

Vae:"A Perhaps! The now you must see the rest, and then you shall tell me."

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