Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which Vae Is A Monster, Redux, part 4 [27 Hivvem 4261]

Vae showed me a longbow. A black longbow with sharp points on both ends, and a black and white striped string.

Me:"A bow?"

Vae:"For giving arrows their shooting from afar."

Me:"A novel concept, which had never occurred to me nor to any other prime."

Vae:"And really?"

Me:"No. I recognize bows. Even ones that are all made up with the Locador-god's favorite colors and shapes, so much so that I could scarcely even guess that it is somehow a Locador enchantment as well as an elegant, if very dark, weapon."

Vae:"The yes ... And can you shoot it, Sythyry?"

Me:"It's bigger than I am."


Me:"I can't, no. It's too big for me to draw."

Vae:"Well, turn yourself Orren."

Me:"Oh, right. I suppose I don't need too much cley for the rest of the day."

Vae:"The sorries, all over me! Not I is it who remembers that your spells so mostly often take cley."

Me:"Quite all right, slithery. I've got the cley to spare today."

So, I tried shooting an arrow out of the bow in Orren shape. As I am sure everyone is aware, I spend between three and two hours every day practicing archery in Orren shape. Of course, there is nothing between three and two hours, so I somehow have neglected to ever do this. I'd ogled real Orren doing it -- you thought, perhaps, that I would not mention being traff in this entry? far from it! -- and, well, how hard could it possibly be?

Given that I wasn't actually trying to hit anything. I was more just trying not to hit myself. Everything else in the room was (a) world-amber, (b) a nendrai, or (c) behind me. Nothing I could possibly do any damage to.

I nocked up [sic] an arrow in the bow, pulled it back smoothly more or less to my little brown cookie-shaped Orren ear, pointed the tip of the arrow at a heart-shaped knob of world-amber over there, and let it fly.

The doom!

Well, the unforseen consequences anyways.

Recall that the bow has a Locador enchantment on it, as mentioned above. Recall that the room has a very subtle Locador spell on it, as mentioned a while ago. Recall that it's not really a good idea to mix Locador spells in the same place, because, if you do, sometimes it's too complicated for regular physics, so a Locador angel might have to figure out what's supposed to happen.

Locador angels are not the sort of entity that you want to have figuring out what happens around you. Most people don't bother calling them "Locador angels", and just call them "Locador demons" all the time.

I don't actually know whether (a) a Locador demon decided what was supposed to happen, (b) ordinary physics decided what was supposed to happen, or (c) I had never shot a bow before and did not get my proper stipend of beginner's luck.

In any case, I plunged the arrow into the armoire. Which, I assure you, was entirely behind me when I shot the arrow.

Vae looked a bit perplexed. "Sythyry? And why did you shoot my armoire?"

Me:"Magic! Locador! Angel! Bow! Interference!"

Vae:"And what?"

Me:"Can I try again?"

Vae:"The first I shall ward my armoire, and you."

Me:"No! Not with Locador spells!"

Vae:"But Locador spells make the best wards!"

Me:"The doom!"

So I shot another arrow. Probably all the extra powerful Locador spells ... um ... chased the Locador demons off or something. I don't think that even a fairly strong Locador demon would want to fight with Vae.

Anyways, I hit ... well, not precisely the heart-shaped knob, but at least the wall that the heart-shaped knob was on.

Me:"I would say that the bow makes the distance between shooter and target smaller?"

Vae:"The yes!"

Me:"But, again, you don't use a bow yourself."

Vae looked at her forepaws, which are generously supplied with scimitars. "Not without shapeshifting, no, and it's a weapon I've not even tried to use the once."

Me:"Nor have I."

Vae:"The yes. When you come to kill me, no bow will you bear."

Oh, dear. That sounds terrible, and I'd really rather she weren't thinking of me as someone likely to come try to kill her. "Vae? I'm not going to come to kill you. Don't be ridiculous."

Vae grinned. "Oh, there's no fear on me of that any time soon. And is it a good bow, think you?"

Me:"I don't know. The enchantment's a complexity-10 spell usable without limit, and it's not very fancy magically. It was consecrated, to the Locador god, and that's about it."

Vae:"Sorrow! Ah, though. And could you have it appraised?"

Me:"Oh, surely."

(And I did. It's an unexceptional longbow with an unexceptional enchantment on it. Reasonable enough; a better longbow wouldn't be black and spiky, and thus would be harder to enchant with all that Locador. But if I were doing it, I'd stick on a side enchantment of Strengthening, at the very least. As it is, it could break as easily as a regular bow -- or bowstring. Not really a great valuable device. Vae wasn't terribly disappointed to hear that though.)

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