Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Fixing Figs Flambee [25 Hivvem 4261]

Thery and Ficina and Levande came by for a visit this evening. Ficina is small and squirmy. She has learned how to grin and giggle, which she does whenever anyone provides her with an excuse, which is fairly often. Ghirbis is alarmingly maternal given half a chance -- this surprises me considerably, for she gave no clue of it -- and spent two hours tickling Ficina, dangling feathers in front of her, making faces, flopping every available tail in her face, singing at her, and so on.

Thery, for her part, looks much better than she did the last time I saw her. (That was a week ago, at a small birthday party. Evidently Ficina is not much help at organizing a birthday party.) She seems a great deal older than she did last year, though. Older in the officially-approved Rassimel way: whenever she says anything, it concerns the matters that she is obsessed with. These days, that's Ficina and Yarwain. She is not sure whether she will go back to school next year or not.

Levande is not looking much better, though I think I saw her at her imperious noble best when she was beating up the healers at Ficina's birth. She has gotten distinctly more plump, and her fur is distinctly more ragged. She is distinctly morose. I have become a bit of a connoisseur of moroseness lately, and I will say that she does a fine job of it, though without the dramatic impact of Thelvion's sudden disintegration of his entire life, and, naturally, without the hideous monstrous might of Vae's jagged bloody glass tears.

The actual matter of the visit was that Thery is now well enough to nurse Ficina herself, and that my most recent casting of Draught of the Rassimel Mother on Levande was the last one. From now on Thery will get them.

"Now on", of course, started now. Thery winced and yelped at the spell, and decided that Ficina would be weaned as quickly as possible. Levande looked as saintly as a scruffy, obese adventurer can look, and did not point out that she has been enduring that spell for months for Thery's and Ficina's sake.

A few months ago, Ficina had a great deal of trouble learning how to nurse from Levande. Now she has to relearn how to nurse from Thery. This proved to be much easier. Ficina has, in the last few months, learned what her mouth is for. Thery is the one having trouble. She has not yet learned what her breasts are for. She knows how to hold Ficina in various ways, but holding her so that her head is in the right place as she drinks is a still different way which she does not yet understand.

Levande explained the details a great many times to her. She was absolutely correct, and absolutely unhelpful. Nursing, like dancing, cannot be taught as an intellectual exercise.

I must remember never to get pregnant in a mammalian form and keep the baby. Or, if I do, I must hire a wet-nurse immediately.

(No, it's not actually possible to do accidentally, and the ways for doing it on purpose will give the baby about five Thelvions of doom from birth.)

((Will Thelvion be upset if he learns that I am now using his name as a standard unit of doom, do you think?))

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