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[24 Hivvem 4261]

Thelvion is back in town. He looks distinctly "he" still. [Actual phrasing: "That-Rassimel looks distinctly "Rassimel" still. -- loyal opposition translator.]

Me:"How are you? What happened at home? And other polite inquiries which show concern for the vast bowl of doom which you poured for yourself, but which I held?"

Thelvion:"I am: back at school. I am: now seeking Rassimel companionship. I am: concerned about my long-term prospects thereto, as I am sterile due to mighty sorcerous intervention to correct a birth defect."

Me:"I am: sure that you owe me a more detailed story. I am: sure that I owe you brandy and apologies."

So, we repaired to the Lightly Scaled Refectory, where Ghirbis poured liberally from the bottle of Ulvark that Nestrune gave me a few days ago. And here is the report on Thelvion:

  1. His mother is more or less recovered, though still given to occasional furies for the mind-spell cast on her. I cannot blame here. I, too, am still given to occasional furies for the mind-spell cast on me. Cursed nendrai!
  2. He revealed everything to his transaffectionate Herethroy girlfriend, also known as the love of his life. For some time she could not decide whether to dump him because (a) he was the wrong species for her, or (b) he was a both-female. She finally settled on dumping him because (c) he was off at Vheshrame Academy and neglecting her far too much.
  3. (c) is wholly unfair because it is exactly what they agreed on before he went to school.
  4. No, more brandy would probably not be a good idea, appealing as the thought of getting drunk for a few weeks might be. Kathia, not brandy, as a preparation for going to class.
  5. Could some further form of magical concealment be arranged, to prevent people from stumbling on this unfortunate matter? (The answer is, naturally, "It cannot be guaranteed. Anything I could do at the moment would cause more suspicion than it could possibly alleviate. Later on ... if you move somewhere low on formal magicians ... perhaps. It may take years or decades before I can be much help on this."
  6. Thelvion:"Zi Ri aren't in a hurry, I suppose."

    Me:"Zi Ri aren't particularly competent, I suppose. In this instance at least."

  7. Thelvion will live as a Rassimel from now on. He will do his best to forget and ignore his actual composition.
  8. Thelvion will, regrettably, no longer attend meetings of the Vheshrame Academy Transaffectionate Student Association.

Me:"If there are any further meetings."

Thelvion:"Even if, yes. I plan to be disqualified for not being transaffectionate."

Ghirbis:"The woe! The traitor full of his treason!"

Me:"I don't blame you a bit, Thelvion."

Ghirbis:"But, how can you fail to be qualified?"

Thelvion:"I will dredge up a Rassimel girlfriend somewhere."

Ghirbis:"That is traff, for you!"

Thelvion:"I'm trying to forget that."

Me:"Please accept some more brandy by way of apology for my roommate."

Ghirbis:"Of course, if you date a Herethroy, that's transaffectionate too."

Me:"Please accept Ghirbis' tail by way of apology for my roommate."

Ghirbis:"I am to be the Rassimel girlfriend he's dredging up?"

Me:"I was thinking more of a severed tail, but that sounds suitable."

Thelvion and Ghirbis:[in unison]"No! Very no! Highly forever no!"

Me:[imitating Thelvion and Ghirbis]"Though that other Rassy is kind of cute."

Thelvion:"Ghirbis, may I pour kathia on your lizardly roommate?"

Ghirbis:"Be my guest!"

Thelvion:(does so)

Me:"The injustice!"

Thelvion:"The just revenge!"

In any case, Thelvion seems restored to tolerable spirits, if not his accustomed degree of tedium. I accept my shower and ensuing bath as suitable penance.

Or, on further thought ... is Thelvion actually being sensible and sane here, or not?

Sane: Thelvion has lived all his life as a Rassimel. He has never walked on four legs; he eats meat regularly; he has a big furry tail; all like that. By staying Rassimel, he's simply living the way he always has. He just has a Dark Secret.

Insane: He's chosen -- very fast! -- to ignore his true species, his true sexual orientation, and his true gender. That can't be good, can it?

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