Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Dog House [23 Hivvem 4261]

We have rearranged the Cani a few more times.

A while back, I neglected to mention the Seething Vat of Putrid Corrosive Founders. It was was a small room on the second floor, not really suitable for a bedroom. It did indeed smell of rotting flounder when we moved in, though a Healoc Airador spell and a quick eviction of a long-dead founder dealt with that.

Ghirbis points out that the flounder was surely a dread and legendary floundalich -- so legendary and dread that nobody has heard of it before -- the mightiest of the undead flat fishes, traditionally served stuffed with hatred for all things that still live, and then breaded and fried and served with a lemon-butter sauce. Ghirbis is sure that all of our bad luck of late is due to the Curse of the Floundalich. Ghirbis is a loony.

In any case, we have given the Seething Vat of Putrid Corrosive Flounders a new name reflecting its current use as the bedroom that Enziet and Anoof will share. It is now the Crimson Bone Spire of the Impalement of the Innocent, named after one of the minor shrines near the Temple of the Dark Trinity in Oorah Thrassen.

I swear that I picked the name by opening Dustweed's Comparative Temples textbook and poking a claw at the page. The Cani all laughed for a third of an hour, though. "Hey! I'm the innocent one here, and I'm doing the impaling!" protested Anoof. They discussed sexual geometries with much giggling and tail-wagging. I hid under the table.

Though I am glad to see that Enziet was just as amused and jokey about it as Anoof and Narngi and Leiska. I have no idea how they're doing in marital terms, but at least they're being pretty friendly all together.

Blue Dragon / Blue Cat Blues

The same cannot be said for me and Pazi-Pazi, who has responded to the addition of another Cani to the household in the only reasonable way: viz. by stalking me. In particular, when I am close to the ground and otherwise distracted -- e.g., when I am under a table and trying not to overhear some Cani.

If anyone wonders why Pazi-Pazi has a long scorched stripe on her left side, it must be attributed to my ferocity and adventurery might. Oh, and my breath weapon.

If anyone wonders why I have a patch over my left eye, it must be attributed to Pazi-Pazi's renewed ferocity and unwillingness to accept flaming discouragement.

Stupid, stupid breath weapon.

Seriously, this is getting to be a problem. She stuck a claw in my eye! Not so bad that I need to get a spell to fix it, but I'm eyepatched and bandaged for a few days. It does not really look mysterous and dignified. It looks medical.

I am an adventurer, according to my class schedule. Therefore I should be able to fight off a housecat, right?

And, yes, I could indeed fight off a housecat. The seven-winged burning thing could presumably destroy it handily, and the rest of the house too. But that's a bit extreme. It's not a Holocaust War weapon -- really! -- but it's rather much to use to dissuade Pazi-Pazi.

And I've got fire breath, which is useful mainly for lighting beds and candles. Pazi-Pazi has decided that it's no more trouble than a mouse's fangs.

So I spent the rest of the evening finishing grafting Conjure the Fearsome Falcon. Which creates a big falcon. I'm not exactly sure how helpful a big falcon will be if I'm trapped under a small table with Pazi-Pazi. It might be able to kill her, which is not what I want. It would probably wound her a lot, which would put me in the embarrassing position of (a) taking her to a healer, and (b) explaining to everyone about my miserable relationship with my roommate's cat.

It is obviously time to do more spell shopping.

After More Spell Shopping

I got the Repel the Beast Longly spell that I came for. It should keep Pazi-Pazi off of me for several hours at a time.

Dewdrop talked me into getting Conjure the Tiny Pet too. It creates a small animal, which will obey me somewhat for a while. So I could make a bird to distract Pazi-Pazi away from me -- or another cat to enrage her.

And then Dewdrop nearly persuaded me to get Write the Moment's Story, a Sustenoc Illusidor spell that remembers a scene into a nut, so that anyone who holds the nut in cupped hands will see the scene.

I narrowly avoided that doomsome trap.

If I'm able to record scenes accurately with just a cley, why would I keep up my diary? And, if they were recorded accurately, how could I make myself look as brave and mighty and wise and honest in them, as I so easily do in journal entries such as this?

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