Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[Bard blinks in perplexity. It introduced Thelvion a year and a day ago, World Tree time, without a clue that he had a story, much less that it would happen now. -bb]

March of the Enchantment Students [21 Hivvem 4261]

Irigatur:"Thelvion? We were wondering what that secret Muto spell on you might be."

Thelvion: (rather testily) "Well, I was wondering what that Sleeth is doing peering over my shoulder."

Rhedwy:"I am investigating you!"

Thelvion:"What? Why?"

Rhedwy:"Have no fear! It is proper! I am an auxiliary member of the City Guard!"

Thelvion:"Why is the Guard investigating me?"

Rhedwy:[smirking]"We suspect you of being transaffectionate!"

Thelvion:"Is that a crime for a gentleman, now, in Vheshrame of all places?"

Rhedwy:"Only if the gentleman is not sleeping with a Sleeth when she asks!"

Thelvion:"Besides, what about Sythyry? Zie's flagrantly traff!"

Rhedwy:"Such disloyalty to the friend! We determine you are not a Cani, rrai!"

Esory put one hand on Rhedwy's muzzle and shoved her face out of Thelvion's. "Sorry to let the Sleeth pester you, Thelvion. Sythyry and I were discussing what you had said yesterday, and we noticed something, and, well, Sleeth have awfully good ears."

Thelvion sniffled a bit. "You told the Sleeth about me?"

Me:"Well, you would have told her except she didn't get to the meeting in time. Well, at all."

Thelvion:"No, I would not have done. Hard enough talking about it in front of all of you. And don't tell me that Irigatur was late for the meeting too."

Irigatur:"I was! So late that I not only missed that meeting, but all the other ones your disconcerting little club might ever happen to have."

(In case you're interested, yes, I do have a thorough crush on Irigatur. This is a waste of a crush. Irigatur is intensely, passionately normal in his romantic tastes. Furthermore, he is only interested in boy Orren, and my Orren body is a girl. Further furthermore, he's got a rotating collection of a quarter-dozen or a couple pairs of husbands at any given time. Alas!)

Me:"Well, Irigatur is a brilliant magic student, so we asked him too." Which is approximately true.

Thelvion:"Asked him what?"

Me:"About the spell you wear."

Thelvion:"I don't wear any spells."

Me:"I've got an ancient artifact that says you do."

Thelvion:"Do you, now."

Explanations took longer than they should have.

Thelvion:"So, I've got a permanant, disguised Mutoc Corpador spell on me, and you can't tell anything more about it?"


Thelvion:"What does it do?"

Me:"I don't know!"

Thelvion:"How long has it been there?"

Me:"I don't know!"

Thelvion:"Is it really permanant?"

Me:"I don't know!"

Thelvion:"Who cast it?"

Me:"I don't know!"

Thelvion:"Is it a real spell, or a ritual magic?"

Me:"I don't know!"

Thelvion:"Did your nendrai do it?"

Me:"I don't know!"

Thelvion:"Who's your Dissection of Spells professor?"

Me:"I don't know!"

Thelvion:"You don't?"

Me:"Um ... I mean, Prof. Gostegg."

Thelvion:"Let's go find him, then."

Rhedwy:"He may be tedious, but he is sensible."

Me:"Quiet, you quadruped. He's not tedious."

Which is, of course, a polite lie.

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