Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Ridiculous! [21 Hivvem 4261]

Esory and Irigatur and I were discussing Thelvion's spiritual difficulties, over kathia and cheese scones after Enchantment. Three intermediate-year students can, of course, solve all technical difficulties with the afterlife. We decided that:

  1. It is ridiculously unlikely for the gods to accidentally get a spirit from one species reincarnated as another. Two of them would have to make substantial, concordant errors at the same time.
  2. It is not preposterous that two gods could collude on switching a spirit around, but most likely they would do it to put a spirit in a more appropriate body rather than a less.
  3. Gormoror might get reincarnated as Cani or Khtsoyis, or vice-versa. This does not apply to Thelvion.
  4. Another possibility is a shifter hybrid. Shifter hybrids are the product of a ritual spell of potential interest to traff-folk: one which allows two (or so) people of different species to have a fertile union. The product of the union will be wrong: it will switch back and forth between the parents' species every few hours. Presumably it has a spirit from one of the two species. Presumably the spirit is compatible with the other. Perhaps, if it dies in the wrong species, it might go to the wrong creator god. Perhaps it will be treated that way. That way any species could get reincarnated as any other. But only a very few people would do so -- shifter hybrids are exceedingly rare. Such people would be interesting, and that more or less excludes Thelvion.
  5. Irigatur is cute but unavailable, and somewhat flustered to be outnumbered by out-and-out transaffectionates.

"So he's surely a Rassimel spirit in a Rassimel body," said I.

Esory:"The way you're a Zi Ri spirit in a Zi Ri body?"

Me:"Um ... yes?"

Esory:"The way Noble Honey was an Orren spirit in an Orren body?"

Me:The Blush! (Which, of course, is done by hiding my head under my left wing.)


So Esory had to explain my shapeshifting strategems to Irigatur. He was at least as embarrassed as I was. Doomfully cute.

Me:"Well, sure, someone could be wearing Cloak of Another God. But if he were casting that, wouldn't he already look Herethroy?"

Esory:"Well, you're the one taking that advanced class in analyzing spells. What's your opinion? A fur-styling spell, like yours? But his fur is so boring."

Me:"My opinion of what?"

Esory:"The Mutoc Corpador spell he always wears. I couldn't tell much about it, but you've been studying that."

I had, of course, not noticed that he had one. The Eye of Mimizan and Mirizan had, of course, noticed it.

Me:"It's awfully complicated, and permanant, and rather obscured. I wonder what it could be?"

Esory:"Shall we ask him?"

Me:"If this turns into an adventure, I shall not be pleased. It's nendrai day, and that's more than enough adventures for me."

Esory:"Well, it is Thelvion. It won't be much of an adventure, I'm sure."

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