Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Jrakh Off [20 Hivvem 4261]

Prince Nestrune Kreslink:"Hallo, the lizard!"

Me:"Hallo, the second-highest titled student at the Academy!"

Nestrune:"I do believe I owe you some brandy." He tossed a wooden flask to me: Ulvark, a mushroom-and-honey brandy I have only tasted once, with Esory, and quite delicious.

Me:"Well, and thank you. Why do you owe me brandy?"

Nestrune:"Oh, I always give a gift when I play a jest on someone, and I know you like good brandy -- and that your ~father~ doesn't pay for it properly."

(Zie's my ~mother~, but never mind that. My ~father~ doesn't pay for much of anything ... actually I suppose I should ask zir for an allowance too.)

Me:"A jest?"

Nestrune:"A jrest!"

Me:"A ... jrest?"

Nestrune:"Jrakh told me what she said about herself?"

Me:"Oh, dearie."

Nestrune:"And that you believed every word of it."

Me:"... and interpreted her actions to Thelvion in light of it, yet. She was lying, was she?"

Nestrune:"There's lying, and there's lying. She certainly isn't the Empress of Dlesty."

Me:"Oh, dearie."

Nestrune:"She's the daughter of my father's previous Minister of the Waterways, who's currently ... something or other."

Me:"And she's not in a ceremonial marriage to a Cani, a Herethroy, and an Orren, as a heiros gamos to bind an empire together in some insane symbolic way?"

Nestrune:"No, in fact, she is not."

Me:"And she doesn't copulate in public with people of those species for the benefit of the Senate of her land?"

Nestrune:"Well, I wouldn't go that far... but no, not the whole Senate."

Me:"Um ... any of it?"

Nestrune:"A dozen or so of us."

Me:"... us? ..."

Nestrune:"Oh, definitely. One of my best private parties, back home. She's the Tethezai of Daukhrame, you know: so much a libertine as to be one of our National Treasures."

Me:"Did you happen to give me enough Ulvark to completely obliterate the memory of me believing what she said?"

Nestrune:"Well, you're a lightweight. It should hold you for a day or two."


Nestrune:"... But of course everyone from Daukhrame knows."

Me:"That would include Ilottat."

Nestrune:"He's from Daukhrame, then, is he? Why, yes, he might be ... I do seem to recall someone of that name from home. We must have met once or twice."

Me:"You mock me!"

Nestrune:"Well, you were mocking yourself so effectively with your Empress that I couldn't help but join in."

Me:"I shall have to introduce you to my pet nendrai sometime, for a discussion of kindness and manners."

Nestrune:"Ah, Sythyry, you seem upset. I expected a witty and cutting rejoinder, not a veiled Khtsoyis-threat! Go home, enjoy the Ulvark, and consider yourself paid back for everything you may or may not have done to Ilottat."

Me:[In this spot I leave a long blank space for the supremely witty and cutting rejoinder that I will surely think of at some point.]

Well, at least she's traff.

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