Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[19 Hivvem 4261]

Whiskey:"Well, now that we're all best friends, shall we get on with the entire entire real purpose of this meeting?"

Esory:"We're all best friends?"

The lizard who had arranged the meeting:"What purpose was that?"

Grandille:"This could be dreadful..."

Mintiet:"An orgy, I think he had in mind."

Whiskey:"A politics!"

Me:"This could be dreadful."

Whiskey:"We must advance and entirely entirely advance, until we are in all ways coequal to the cisaffectionate!"

Everyone:"The Doom!"

Whiskey:"Which is to say, we must hold a Transaffection Ball."

Everyone but Mintiet:"The Considerably Smaller Doom!"

Mintiet:"Ball me! Oh, ball me!"

Everyone but Mintiet and Whiskey:"The Embarrass!"

Jrakh:"Excuse me." She headed for the door, tail between her legs.

Whiskey and Mintiet chased her, and by means partially moral and partially fig-wineical retrieved her, relieved her, and returned her.

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