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Traff Club [19 Hivvem 4261]

Sorry for not writing the last few days. It's been busy, what with Enziet moving in and me trying to set up the Student Association of Traff Excellence or whatever it's going to be called. Oh, and starting to work on my engagement present for Enziet, mainly because she's so very hard to talk to.

Disposition of the Usual Suspects

[These can all be found in the Dramatis Personae. -bb]

Who Will Come? Why or Why Not My Opinion
Me Yes It's my foolish idea in the first place. It feels very risky and exposed, in a way that, say, making a pass at a nendrai, or visiting Bfelmykh by surprise, or assaulting Oorah Thrassen with pastry breakfast boxes, does not feel. The others were someone else's agenda. This time, I am doing something very revealing and public for my own reasons. I am terrified.
Ghirbis Vlaan Yes In her official role as my Evil Roommate, she does not want me to enjoy any success without her operatic accompaniment and/or evil plans. Which is to say, she has enjoyed a variety of lower-class Cani boys during her time in Vheshrame, and plans to continue to do so until she returns home and starts a proper Rassimel life. Or something. I'm glad. She's actually much more sensible and rational than I've portrayed her in my diary, and she doesn't sing quite all the time either.
Dustweed No I tried to get zir to come. Zie refused repeatedly, for implausible excuses. In the end zie had Tethezai explain that zir presence would probably cut the club's chance of success in half, or at least lose all Herethroy and everyone who cares about Herethroy decency. Undeniable, but I am sad.
Tethezai No "I'm not traff. I am a libertine." She may be a libertine, but she's been Dustweed's consort for a full year or so, and cut down her other lovers to a mere one or two a week. And Cheffnarry can attest to just how cisaffectionate she is.
Esory Yes

Me:"Why on wood would you want to come to such a thing?"

Esory:"Why wouldn't I?"

Me: A brief but elegant exposition of the disadvantages of being thought traff, especially if one is not.

Esory:"Well, I'm curious about what such a thing would be like. Besides, you'll be lonely if nobody shows up."

I suppose I appreciate the support.
Agrimony No "A disgusting idea!" I shouldn't be teasing him like that.
Ficina No hẫąǡǟɐഐ!    hẫąǟɐắഐ!    hẫąǟɐάഐ!    hẫąǟăάഐ!    hẫąɐɐάഐ!    She is trying to learn how to giggle. It's coming out very odd.
Rhedwy Yes

Rhedwy:"Perhaps I collect the spare lover or two. Darkstamen does not screw on me, even when threatened."

The Question:"Why, oh why, did Ghirbis have to invite her?"

The Answer:"Because some foolish dragon said something about 'invite everyone you know who might be traff'."

The Riposte:"Rhedwy is not traff. She is a slut. A Sleeth slut."

The Counter-riposte:"She is a Sleeth sleuth, forsooth!."

Which is undeniably true, and, while it did not settle the matter, at least it required me to find some brandy quickly.
Nestrune No "I'm having no especial trouble getting laid at the moment. Except for that Orren bit we're both chasing, but your club won't help with that, will it?" He should go screw Ilottat until they both glow from the friction.
Pazi-Pazi and Sprillet No We have declared that, in keeping with the proper spirit of Quelldrie House, that Pazi-Pazi and Sprillet are secret lovers. Indeed, they have been seen to sleep together. Generally on someone's plum waistcoat when it was most needed to be clean. Napping little beasts! Good heavens! They're not, technically, Vheshrame students! How can this be?
Thelvion Yes He rather blandly but embarrassedly muttered something about a Herethroy back home. Could this possibly make him interesting?
Zanniajaia I didn't dare ask I didn't dare ask I didn't dare ask

Disposition of the Unusual Suspects

At least, I hope there are some unusual suspects, and it's not just me and my four closest traff student friends.

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