Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Riot [13 Hivvem 4261]

By some coincidence, when I was flying by the Vheshrame Ducal Library with a big heavy book in tow -- A Guide to Destodor Aquadoc, a most engrossing tome (despite, unaccountably, appearing to be made from last months' broadsheets with a used canvas cover) -- there was a riot.

The library fee is still a third of a lozen. It has been a problem for me -- not that I don't have a third of a lozen, but that, sometimes, I don't have a third of a lozen. I mean, I'm not poor and I've got a great deal of allowance for library and studies, but I don't always remember to bring money with me when I'm going to classes or studies. Larger people routinely carry cash. But for me -- until I made the Swift Swift Shadow with the Strong Strong Tail (that's my stupid carrying-things amulet) -- I couldn't easily carry that much. Will I need a pen? A knife? A this? A that? I didn't always remember money. Twice or thrice -- twice or thrice! -- I had to fly back home to get money. A third of an hour, gone forever!

In any case, there were the usual spontaneous unplanned incendiary speeches by many students, many of them with extensive footnotes and spontaneous, unplanned, incendiary three-page handouts. Nobody I knew, though.

The administration, as personified by Dean Carsnell, presented their spontaneous unplanned rebuttal. The basic logic of the rebuttal was, "No, we shall not remove the fee; those who resist our iron claws must dance humiliatingly around the city walls, as if they were some snivveling Duke!" At least I'm not involved.

Then the main bonfire. An uninvolved student, who was somehow walking through the riot area without noticing it, chanced to step on Esory's tail. Esory, in surprise, released a pigeon from a cage. This pigeon flew thrice around Dean Carsnell -- without pooping, which I believe was negotiated in advance -- and stole the notes of the spontaneous unplanned rebuttal. These notes were delivered, upside-down, to an uninvolved and unaware one of Ghirbis' classmates, who stood on his head and started singing them loudly. One of our few Gormoror students leapt onto the singer's feet, roaring angrily at the choice of key, and drew a huge paper-mache broadsword and made as if to slaughter the singer. A Herethroy student in shining armor spontaneously intervened, and asked another Rassimel to stand on her feet, and zie climbed up. The two warriors swaggered weapons mightily, sword striking staff so hard that sparks showered out. Sparks which fell upon an open bottle of lamp oil, which spilled and caught fire. Upon which, several students threw textbooks at several professors, and the professors nimbly dodged, and the books landed in the burning oil.

Yay, bonfire.

Floosh supplied a giant sugar-cake library again. Funny how that works out.

I worked the party, though. I mentioned the upcoming inaugural Vheshrame Academy Traff meeting to several students, even a few I had never met, who seemed to be more interested than many in members of other species.

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