Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Consequences for the Cani [11 Hivvem 4261]

In The Morning

Anoof and Narngi spent the whole night talking and have agreed that they will not marry Enziet. She came too close to lying to them already. They set off to explain this to their other fiances.

In the Afternoon

Narngi choofed Havune about being in charge of the marriage arrangements. That's a Cani-style dominance challenge -- the Cani have a contest about the topic, and the winner of the contest gets to be in charge of it for a while, and all the other Cani are happy about it. This challenge was that some Cani around gave the two of them written questions, and they both wrote answers, and a few Cani read the answers to the others and the other Cani decided which answer was best.

Some of the questions:

  1. It's the middle of the night. Baby is screaming-hungry and won't sleep. Husband works as a judge, and must be alert the next day at court. Wife has been awake with baby three nights already and is fainting from tiredness. Which must take care of the baby?
  2. Which is more important: cleaning out the longhouse's pond, or painting the walls? Why?

Havune's answers, by the way, were that (assuming ordinary circumstances) the judge should sleep and that the house should be painted. The grounds that the family's honor and status are more public, and will recover from offenses and troubles more slowly and painfully. Someone else in the family should help the wife, if possible, or at least give her a Bouncy Vigor spell or some good kathia; and similarly for the pond. The next time the questions are asked, though, the more private answers should be given more weight. The third time, the private answers should take precedence.

Narngi took a more balanced approach. If there's someone to help the wife the next day, then the husband can sleep; and the family should check with friends and relatives, and maybe hire someone if all else fails. If the husband has not had too much kathia, then he should tend the baby and rely on kathia the next day. And so on, with a dozen different cases.

And most of the Cani (including Anoof) preferred Havune's clear answers -- perhaps they were wrong, but they were clear and not fussy, and if they were done several times they'd be fair. Narngi's answers were probably better, but much harder to figure out in the middle of the night.

So Havune won.

So Havune decided whether to marry Enziet or not.

So they're all engaged to Enziet, still, and they're all happy about it.

Cani are all crazy.

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