Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC - Fimbulwinter Knights call for players.

Fimbulwinter Knights A cold anime game.

It's 2021 A.D.  Our world, Earth, is doing reasonably well.  Yeah, there's a bit of a population problem, and a terrorism problem, and a nuclear crisis problem, and a pollution problem, and a global warming problem, and an energy crisis problem, and a Monkey Flu epidemic problem, and a bunch of others, but what do you expect?   And we've got genetically-engineered cat girls and orbital weather control stations, so it can't be all bad. 

But Ygga, that other world that people can visit through the Kottu Gate ...  Ygga's in trouble.  The final winter has started there, the Fimbulwinter, winter following winter following winter with no summer between them.  A giant wolf has eaten their moon, and another one is going to catch their sun pretty soon. And when the sun goes, the terrible ocean-circling serpent will arise, and the dead will sail from Hel, and the armies of the giants, the Jotuns, will come on a ship made of the fingernails of dead men, and everything will die.  That's bad.

Earth's doing pretty well, compared to that.

So the charity wing of YGene Ltd., the mighty genetic-engineering corporation, has decided to send a team to Ygga to rescue the really important stuff, if they can.  That's your job! 

Planned Structure: This will be a miniseries: a dozen chapters, each of which will take a session or two.   The chapters are named Freya, Mimir, Skrymir, Thrym, Aegir, Loki, Bragi, Fjalar, Gjallarhorn, Hati, Naglfar, and Ragnarok.  ...  Or that's the plan.   If you push the plot far away from my intended story, I'll have to rename the chapters, and maybe things will go quite differently. 

Promises: The plot will get more interesting than simply twelve rescue missions to Ygga.   And you won't be able to stop Ragnarok on Ygga. 

Practicalities: We intend to play every other week (or maybe every week), on a weeknight, somewhere in or near Westchester. Details to be arranged based on your schedules.

System: We're using BESM -- Big Eyes Small Mouth, 2nd revised edition, with the Tristat rules.

Disclaimer: Some parts of this are inspired by Norse and Finnish legends, but I'm playing fast and loose with them. Apologies in advance to Asatruar.  Also, stuff you know about the actual legends may give you some feeling for the setting, but even important things from the legends aren't true in the game.

How To Join: Write to and tell me a little about yourself.
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