Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Pas-de-Dog [10 Hivvem 4261]

The Invitation

Anoof, for some reason, was utterly unwilling to go to Across Saga. "Not that I have anything against transaffectionate, Sythyry. But it would be more than a little awkward, given the current engagemental situation." Which I suppose I can understand.

So Thestra came to Quelldrie House. Without Denaist. "He kept mewing about collecting another traff Cani girl. So I stuck a large frozen ground-ground-nut popsicle in his mouth and jumped out a window and through some trees. He might follow if he finishes it off. He loves ground ground nuts more than traff Cani girls, even."

Thestra is very low on Cani friends. She lost most of her old Cani friends when she moved in with Denaist -- they mostly thought she was being disloyal to her family and, um, I haven't yet gotten a clear story about what was going on at the time. She certainly has some Cani friends at Across Saga and suchlike, but they're all more or less broken Cani. Like her.

Still, there are protocols to be observed.

Anoof:"Why am I meeting this Thestra again?"

Me:"Um ... because you want to get a traff Cani woman's insight into traff Cani women?"

Anoof:"No, I mean, what's the real reason?"

Me:"Um ... er ... you aren't engaged to enough traff Cani women and want more?"

Anoof:"No, no. I liked the first reason better. I mean, well, what's the practical reason? Do we have a friend in common? or the same clan? or did she go to Vheshrame Academy?"

I remembered then that, when Cani meet Cani for the first time, they like to have an established social relationship already, so they don't have to fuss about it. I don't know that I've ever introduced two Cani to each other before.

Me:"Um ... you're both my friends."

Anoof:"That could do. Still ... what clan and auxiliary clans is she in?"


Best, of course, if the relationship is an entirely Cani one.

Anoof:"Please? It'll make things easier, since she is familyless and disgraced and all."

Me:"She's clan Reffen."

Anoof:"What else would a thief be? What about her auxiliary clans?"

Me:"I don't know."

Anoof:"Sythyry? How could you be friends with her for weeks and not know her auxiliary clans?"

Me:"Anoof? How could you be friends with me for weeks and not sit in the fire with me?"

Anoof:"I can't sit in the fire without spells. Can't you remember crucial facts about your friends?"

Me:"When you say 'crucial' I hear 'inconsequential'."

Anoof:"Friendless lizard!"

Me:"Fireless doggie!"

So I asked her when I gave her the invitation, and got lucky. (Well, each Cani has three or four clans, and there are nine total, so ... I shall not ask Iska the odds ... I think that Cani have a clan in common more often than not.) Anoof is of clan Mnorryn -- that's slightly aristocratic! -- and Thestra has that as an auxiliary clan.

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