Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sorcery in a Present Time [7 Hivvem 4261]

Dargwyn:"You missed the first meeting of the class."

Me:"I was a bit dead at the time. And some thousands of miles away, too."

Dargwyn:"A typical excuse!"

Me:"It's true -- I can get a healer's note."

Dargwyn:"It's typical, too. One of the other students was imprisoned in a parallel universe... still is, in fact, though she popped back for half a day."

Me:"Is this a class for adventurers?"


Me:"The doom!"


She then interrogated me about my study plan.

Me:"Getting doomed up and down by a nendrai, mostly." I confess to being a bit unduly mopey already.

Dargwyn:"A good start, but you must study using it."

Me:"I'd really rather skip the whole thing for approximately forever."

Dargwyn:"If you live that long."

Me:"I'm a bit on the immortal side."

Dargwyn:"No more than the rest of my students."

Me:"Hezimikkinen is your student?"

Dargwyn:"Don't be ridiculous. Two Cani, one Orren."

Me:"They're not usually immortal..."

Dargwyn:"No... I expect one of the four of you to survive the year, maybe two. Whoever does ought to be able to make an immortality enchantment before they need it. No big challenge there."

Me:"Oh, dearie."

Dargwyn:"So this class is about two things. First, surviving. Second, distilling the greatest advantage from the things you must survive."

We discussed survival strategies. Dargwyn made a number of minor comments, but really didn't have much to say: there's not a lot one can do in the short term about a nendrai.

Dargwyn:"And now, learning. What are you doing now?"

Me:"The Raven's Beak and such."

Dargwyn:"A decent start. What are you doing about spellbinding?"

Me:"Nothing at all."

Dargwyn:"What a waste... you do know how to bind spells?"

Me:"Just the basics."

Dargwyn:"Can you bind The Raven's Beak?"

Me:"I don't know."

Dargwyn:"Find out!"

I bound a Raven's Claw to a bit of chalk.

Dargwyn:"OK. From now on, don't cast Raven's Claw. Instead, you must use a bound spell, and bind it there."


Dargwyn:"As a definite connoisseur of urghs, that seems like a peculiarly-flavored sort of urgh -- perhaps one indicating some specific problem, rather than a general distaste for spellbinding, or even for the adventuring that you seem to dislike doing."

Me:"It's an irrelevant urgh."

Dargwyn:"No urgh is truly irrelevant!"

Me:"I was very short of cley last term. But I have gotten better, and in any case I have lost that boyfriend."

Dargwyn:"A boyfriend who requires cley? A boyfriend at all, for a Zi Ri? Is that another adventure I need to assign lessons for?"

Me:"I doubt it. He's gone."

Dargwyn:"Wrong-species ... unwise. Well, we'll have to design a course of study for that bit of perversion, too."

Me:"That's an adventure?"

Dargwyn:"Having a wrong-species boyfriend, no. Enduring the consequences, yes."

Me:mope mope mope

Dargwyn:"Back to the nendrai... you're not intimate with the nendrai, I trust?"

Me:"Heavens, no."

Dargwyn:"Well, that is good, at least. What are you doing about feather-casting."


Dargwyn:"You do know feather-casting, don't you?"

Feather-casting is the fine art of cheating gods. Specifically, of flicking a cley across a pattern spell, so that the spell goes off (sometimes) and the cley isn't used up (usually). It's unreliable and cheaty, the spells usually come off very weak, and it can annoy the gods.

Me:"I don't want to annoy any gods! I'm studying to be an enchanter!"

We agreed that I would not work on feather-casting.

Dargwyn:"what about hammer-casting?"


Dargwyn:"You do know hammer-casting, don't you?"

Me:"Just a little."

Hammer-casting is a way to spend extra cley and get a modicum of extra power on your spells for it.

Dargwyn:"It can be quite important."

Me:"It can waste quite a lot of cley!"

Dargwyn:"Better than spending it on a wrong-species boyfriend, for one instance."


Dargwyn:no comment on this urgh.

Dargwyn:"Well, for this term, hammer-cast your other spell when you're with the nendrai. That will be part of your grade."

Me:"What other horrid things do I have to for this class?"

Dargwyn:"This term? I want you meditating while you wait for Vae, which will help your cley-debt somewhat. I want you to find another spell like Raven's Beak which demands some finesse to use. I want to figure out some way to exercise magic resistance and spellweaving, but those may wait until further terms."


Dargwyn: I hereby lecture you for a ninth of an hour about why this is a valuable opportunity and must not be wasted, and, indeed, must be exploited fully.

Me:"What about vitality training?"

Dargwyn:Well, you should arrange to get injured frequently, at least a little. And to get attacked, at least a little. If the nendrai's friendly, get her to do the work. Trade bound spells for it, maybe.

I resolved -- entirely in my own thoughts -- to never even suggest the matter to Vae.

Dargwyn:"Well, it's not sorcery, so it won't formally be part of your grade. I will note it though."

I hate Cani. And adventuring.

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