Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,


It's like a Minuet but Moderately Fast [3 Hivvem 4261]

Vae and Zeilock peered at each other.

Trye:"Ma'am, I believe that Captain Zeilock wants you to teleport the ship to the bottom of the tree."

Vae:"And why is that? And doesn't it fly?"

Zeilock:"It is not quite fast enough to get there."

Vae:"And how far is it there?"

Zeilock:"I don't know!"

Me:"Does the World Tree even have a bottom?"

Zeilock:"I don't know!"

Vae:"The let's find out!"

Me:"Let's not!"

Vae:"The I'm curious!"

Trye:"I'm interested!"

Zeilock:"I'm obsessed!"

Me:"I'm doomed!"

Zeilock:"Let's go!"

Me:"Let's fly away from the branch for a while, so that we don't leave more gigantic Locador signs pointing right at Vheshrame Mene."

Everyone else:"What?"

One quick lecture on the fancy theory of magic analysis and Locador magic and nendrai doing really stupid things later, we flew off away from the branch, at top dragonfly-wing speed.

Nendrai From All Around Come Here [3 Hivvem 4261]

One hour of flying away at Gavotte's top speed, and I absolutely refused to let Vae teleport us. Nobody paid me any attention. Vae did decide to be careful. She surrounded Gavotte with some squirmy Locador spells like fans of black claws (to make it easier to manipulate as a single thing), and some squirmy Magiador Illusidor Locador spells like poorly-buttered bread (to make her Locador tracks less screamy-bright from outside the universe.)

And then, travel, nendrai-style. Her best teleport spell surrounded us like a flower of straight black claws and curved black claws, and brought us a great distance down. Zeilock and Trye oooh'ed and aaaah'ed, and compared the scenery with things on their charts, and said that we'd come to the edge of the Pojorian Gap. I helpfully cowered under a table.

Travel, travel, travel. The far edge of the Pojorian Gap. The Sereyn Estates on Telesteia. Somewhere off the edge of Drethshcheia. Zeilock had to get a different chart-book to find that -- a thin chart-book, with lots of gaps.

Travel once more.

Zeilock:"We're off the chart, I think!"

Trye:"No, we're by the Nereidscray."

Zeilock:"Are you sure? ... Oh, yes, you are right. Next time we'll be off the chart."


Me:"What's wrong?"

The Other Nendrai:The wide-ranging and generous and very powerful zap!

Vae:"Ow! That stings!"

Zeilock, Trye, and me:(all die)

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