Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Gavotte's a Kind of Dance and [3 Hivvem 4261]

Zeilock and his sailor Trye (an old Rassimel shoemaker) zipped Gavotte for Cloudthief over to the edge of the branch.

Zeilock:"So, where does your nendrai live?"

Me:"Underneath the branch."


Me:"Vheshrame Mene. If it's still inside the city-state down there."

Zeilock:"Haven't you been there?"

Me:"Well, I have."

Zeilock:"And you don't remember how you got there?"

Me:"Oh, it was pretty memorable. It's hard to forget a Locador spell that's that strong."

Zeilock:"Pah, useless Zi Ri."


Vae:"Hiio! And is this the skyboat, Sythyry?" She showed up in a festive shape, consisting of her own shape with seven big flappy wings made of silk and flower petals. Five huge ones on one side and two small ones on the other side. She looked ridiculous, and downright anti-aerodynamic. I would have been quite offended that she could fly looking like that, except of course I was so startled my feathers fell off.



Zeilock:"Welcome aboard, ma'am."


Vae:"The thanking!" She teleported to the deck. Ostentatious beast.

Trye:"Welcome aboard, ma'am."

Zeilock:"May I give you a tour of the Gavotte? Here, this is the starboard, and this is the port-stern wing. This here's the bowsprit, and that there's the jib." (Not his exact words.)

Vae:"The that's very interesting! And what is the this, and the this, and the this?"

Zeilock:"The levitation engine, the emergency teleport, and the scrying enchantment."

They chatted about skyboatery and skyboat-magery for a long time.

Trye:"Zeilock, were we planning to sail somewhere, or just talk about it?"

Zeilock:"Sailing, of course!"

Trye:"Where will we go?"

Vae:"And where did you have in mind."

Me:"Over the city."

Zeilock:"To the bottom of the World Tree!"

Vae:"The exciting is that plan! And going now, shall we?"

Zeilock:"The sooner, the better!"

Me:"The doom!"

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