Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sightseeing [3 Hivvem 4261]

Last Time, with Vae

Vae:"We haven't done anything stupid, illegal, and insanely doomed for weeks, Sythyry. This must change, and quickly!"

Well, that's unfair. What she actually said was more along the lines of:

Vae:"There's an urge on me to get into a prime city, Sythyry. And what could I do to scratch it, think you?" I don't think this is a compulsion, the way that getting things from primes or helping or ~helping~ us is. It's just a sore point: a thing forbidden to a being rather too used to her every whim becoming reality with a flick of the tail.

Me:"Would you like to visit a prime town?"

Vae:"Not that. The this time, I think, it would make me the worse and no better."

Me:"How about flying over the city wall? Above the top of the unseen dome, I mean. I'll come with you."This had worked last time. It is harmless, as far as the guard and I know; there is nothing she could discover from above that she could not discover from the side. Indeed, to someone who can improvise such ridiculous Locador spells, I doubt that concepts like 'above' and 'from the side' are particularly different.

Vae:"Hmm ... And could we vary it a bit, perhaps?"

Me:"I'll see what I can do!"

So I poked around at the skyboat yard a bit, and met Zeilock. Zeilock is a Rassimel man. By night he is the Supreme Wheelwright of Vheshrame -- the head of the small and none-too-important Wheelwright's Guild. Still, that means that some scraps of amber from every wheel sold in Vheshrame flow into his purse. Since the Wheelwright's Guild isn't very big and isn't very political, he can spend many of his days on his true passion: the main way of getting around on a vehicle that doesn't use wheels.

Which is to say, he's got a cute little sky-yacht named Gavotte for Cloudthief -- a thirty-foot skyboat with dragonfly wings, enchanted with a levitation spell named Elegant Heron about which I knew nothing before I met Zeilock. It's wonderfully maneuverable, and wonderfully stable, and reasonably fast.

And Zeilock is an adventuresome man -- an occasional adventurer, even -- and was the least horrified of the many sky pilots I talked to at the thought of having a nendrai on his skyboat.

Zeilock:"Now there's a story worth people buying me drinks for three years!"

Me:"I hope that's all it'll be." No, this was not the most diplomatic or persuasive thing to say. I didn't want him to get into this on any sort of false pretenses.


Me:"Vae casts spells a lot. She means well, but she's got the force of fifty cloudthieves, and the judgment of about a third of a drunk snail."

Zeilock:"Ha, that? Piffle -- an entire piffle on that, I say!"

Me:"I'll try to keep her restrained, or at least get her to fix anything ridiculous she does."

Zeilock:"You promise that, little lizard, and you can stay on the ground."

Which makes no sense, since I spend more time in the air than Zeilock and Gavotte put together, but I did get the point.

[To be continued ... and thanks to Loxley for a Hurricane Katrine contribution. Remember that now-distant disaster? Anyways, this is the last one, and many thanks to everyone who bought them.]

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