Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Next Term's Courses [27 Consimbs 4261]

Here's my plan for classes next term. I'm going to take scholar-courses, except for two, and I'm going to study a lot more, and, of course, I hereby swear off Orren forever, or, as is much longer, for the whole term.

Applied Enchantment IIII. I suppose I'm going to keep taking Applied Enchantment for my whole time at Vheshrame, which is how would-be enchanters usually do it. Esory, Rhedwy, and Irigatur are still in the class. Oinslaegh will not be -- by virtue of graduating, leaving Vheshrame, and getting a very nice position as the Assistant Court Enchanter of Ulmarn -- and so I get my own table.

Dissection of Enchantments, from Prof. Gostegg. This is another very specialized course, and has no practical application to me at the moment. It is the delicate and difficult art of figuring out what enchanted objects do -- both the intended and unintended features -- and, sometimes, discovering details about the enchanter. Actually the facet on discovering unintended features is useful, even for a student. Irigatur's talisman for seeing into pipes from the outside (which he made for the Department of Flowing, on a commission) has an unintended effect of causing tearing and even downright sobbing when used too much. (The Department of Flowing wasn't quite pleased.) Zanniajaia is in the class. (Yes, I have sworn off Orren forever. Why do you ask?)

Seven Theories of Fire, from Prof. Byenchest. It's a medium-level class in theoretical Pyrador -- not just the magic, but the natural philosophy as well. I'm not very interested in fire magic per se. But this class won't use much cley (which was a real problem last term), and I'm not uninterested in fire magic, it's just not top on my list. And this class sounds very cozy.

Civilized Monsters of Melpeia, from Professors Giri and Nergal. They're supposed to be good. I don't know where Melpeia is. Still, if I'm corresponding with presumably-civilized monsters of somewhere, I might as well know something about civilized monsters of somewhere else.

Flirtatious Dancing. This way I can be thoroughly traff four days a week without, I hope, any actual effort or doom on my part.

And, of course, Sorcery in a Present Time. That's not so much a course as an acknowledgement that some students are learning magic outside of classes, somehow, and that it should be done in class as well, somehow. Prof. Gostegg suggested I take it. I don't know much about it -- this course isn't listed in the catalog. I happened to mention it to Prof. Spreen, who said that (1) it's not the sort of thing that should be talked about, and (2) it would suit me fine, at that.

That should keep me busy enough that I don't have time to get entangled in any slinky Orrens, or any other trouble, right?

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