Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Grades [27 Consimbs 4261]

I didn't particularly want to write this, but I suppose I should.

There are, arguably, two sorts of students at Vheshrame Academy: scholars and nobles. That's not really true -- there are plenty of people who are both (Ghirbis, I think), and maybe even some who are neither (though they don't last so long). Scholars are here to study and learn from our array of excellent professors. Nobles are here to acquire political connections or at least companions in debauchery from our array of excellent students.

I had expected to do both, but rather more of the scholarly sort of thing. Zi Ri should really be well-educated. It's our stock in trade.

I'm not doing very well though.

Course Teacher Grade Explanation
Applied Enchantment III Prof. Nethry Alzagond (Rassimel woman) Respectably Labored The connotation of this grade is that I did the class in a manner befitting a nobleman, rather than a serious student. I suspect that taking two weeks off in the middle of the term had something to do with this, even (or especially) if it was the professor's idea.
Nendrai Ethology Profs. Wynge and Phrass Deeply Studied Well, that's not a bad grade. I did spend a lot of time with a nendrai. Still, I was hoping for something exceptional -- after all, I did spend a lot of time with a nendrai. To say nothing of help a personal matter between the professors.
Appreciation of Chairs Yrrkyrr Respectably Considered Which is to say, I treated the course as a young noble might well do, rather than paying much attention. I suppose that's the standard grade for Appreciation of Chairs, but ... it was supposed to be a ridiculously easy class, and it was. Getting a grade that says, in effect, "Zie did badly, but not so badly that it cannot be overlooked given zir station in life" is rather humiliating.
Dissection of Spells Gostegg Adequately Understood Which is exactly what I think I should have gotten. Since this was a very advanced and specialized course, and I managed to do almost as well as the other students (and better once in a while), I am almost pleased with this one. Still, it's not exactly a delightful grade.

I know why, or part of why. My horrid ex-boyfriend took a great deal of my time and cley. My part-time job bit off much of a week (and more, since recovering from it was no easy matter), and nibbled away at every week. My excursions to Across Saga, when my horrid ex-boyfriend was not doing the things he was not so horrid at, probably could have been better spent in studies.

I've been doing a lot. Some of it was worthwhile (keeping Vae from eating the city, say, and making love to a beautiful Orren) and some of it was not (serving pastry to Oorah Thrassen, say, and fighting with a beautiful Orren), but it hasn't been so good for studies.

And I've even learned a lot -- an insanely lot, for a student, thanks to the Raven's Beak. That doesn't mean doing well in classes though.

I need to do something different. Like study better. Or spend more time studying with Extra Sleep in the Morning, and ~mother~'s on time-greed be cursed. Or take courses like a noble, but do it properly. Or ... something else.

Trying to be a scholar, and doing so poorly, will not do at all.

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