Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Bravely and Resolutely Getting Rescued [26 Consimbs 4261]

After getting bravely and resolutely rejected by Bronin, I bravely and resolutely drank rather too much brandy for better braveness and resolution. I mused upon the virtues of this or that Orren, as Nestrune recommended. Tjeji, for example, is pretty and vivacious, but rarely seen without Blackpoint, though the gossip is that they are not particularly involved. Ercuu is poor, and often goes home with people of any species who buy her presents, but seems quite sad today. I wanted to be the sad one! Quisto-Quillo was being very Quisto-Quillo. I was unsure about the manner of trying to seduce someone currently dancing and wearing a small model windmill on her head.

I had more or less decided to fly over and land on the windmill and go from there, when Thestra rescued me.

Thestra:"Sythyry! Always wonderful to see you at Across Saga!" She should have been teasing me about coming to Across Saga as too many different species, but I have the terrible suspicion she actually meant what she said.

Me:Polite and friendly, somewhat muted by the fact that Thestra is not the person I was trying to collect, and somewhat demuted by the fact that chatting with Thestra is far more fun than humiliating myself with Bronin.

Thestra:"You're trying to go home with someOrren?"

Me:"Well, or take oe to Quelldrie House."

Thestra:"Did the nendrai exchange your mind for that of a pull-goat or something?"

Me:"I don't think so." I was sufficiently tipsy to check that with the Eye. "No, it's me."

Thestra:"You actually wondered about that!"

Me:"Well, yes. Not that Vae would do that, of course."

Thestra:"I thank the gods that I have a simple, decent, risk-free job, and am no adventurer!"

Me:"Did you stop stealing, then?"

Thestra:"Well, almost risk-free. But why are you coming here to collect a lover?"

Me:"What better place, for someone like me?"

Thestra:"No-no-no. Why are you suddenly trying to collect a lover? That's not your style."

Me:Explain, explain.

Thestra:"Any plan which begins with "Following Prince Nestrune's Advice" is doomed beyond all ordinary doomedness."

Me:"Really? My standards for doom might be higher than yours. I'm an adventurer, you know."

Thestra:"You are?"

Me:"Ambassador. I'm an ambassador!"

Thestra:"I think that there's a full chapter covering this very issue in the required texts for "Leap Into This Pool of Boiling Acid""

Me:"You've taken the class?" No, of course not, she could no more get into Vheshrame Academy than I could get three bottles of brandy into my belly..

Thestra:"Hardly! I do not take things from citizens of Vheshrame!"

And the conversation wandered around for a while after that, and Thestra bought me another extra brandy with prenjuice and slivered raisins, and, when I was far too drunk to fly or seduce anyone, put me in a basket and carried me to her home and put me in her fireplace to sleep, with fewer sarcastic comments than one might expect.

Oh, well. At least I did get to go home with someone from Across Saga.

I don't think I'm as good at this as Prince Nestrune is.

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