Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Bravely and Resolutely Setting Forth [26 Consimbs 4261]

(And, in case it's not obvious, I didn't say a single questionable thing to Zanniajaia, nor even ask her opinion of transaffection, or any such thing. I didn't even manage to ask where she's from.)

Still -- as Prince Nestrune said to me at lunch today -- I am still a minor notable of Vheshrame, I am a minor hero of our latest and most ridiculous war (though I might not want to count too heavily on that point), I am still a relative of some very important people, I am still an ambassador (albeit to the least populous country with which Vheshrame has an ambassador), I am still a student at the prestigious Vheshrame Academy. Nobody need know that I am an adventurer, a close friend of a both-female, recently broken up from a somewhat unsavory and foreign relationship, or, apparently, a complete and utter blockhead.

And if there's anyone who knows more about turning such advantages into enthusiastic copulations, it's Prince Nestrune.

And so ... if I can't have the kind of date I want with Zanniajaia, I know where to go to find one.

I will bravely and resolutely set forth to Across Saga as soon as I decide what species to go as.

[Oh, dear. -bb]

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