Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Ghu Navage Ghu [25 Consimbs 4162]

Ghu Navage Ghu is a pretty good place to take a date. It's not Darraden's by any means, but then, it doesn't charge the way Darraden's charges. Also it doesn't have private rooms, and also also it doesn't have private rooms with beds in them. I don't have Ilottat's sense of dramatic seduction. I also don't fill a Daukrhame dress uniform nearly as well as Ilottat does ... or a Zi Ri's ... never mind that. I'm supposed to be concentrating on Zanniajaia. I kept reminding myself of that during the date, and, um, I kept needing to be reminded.

So I am now compelled to describe everything. Ghu Navage Ghu is a dim sort of restaurant, with live potted speargrass plants combed to make frondy walls between tables. The tables for two (most tables are for two) are nice little oval ones, which is odd and cute, and the diners sit on a couch on the same side. The food is traditional Vheshrame food, a bit on the light side during the entrees and a bit on the tall and spiky and flamboyant and heavy side during the dessert. The waiters wear tall spiky turban things, and the traditional dress of the Ulzahengra Cavaliers otherwise, which is somewhere between flamboyant and heavy all by itself.

They've got lightspells in the potted speargrasses. This is not of itself so unusual: most restaurants have lightspells somewhere or other. It is intended to contribute to the romantic ambiance. When one is using one's eyes, it does.

When one is a pair of Dissection of Spells students (or even one of a pair of Dissection of Spells students (or even even one of a hopefully pair-to-be of Dissection of Spells students)), lightspells in the potted plants are a great source of amusement. We spent half the dinner teasing out which waiter had cast which lightspell.

It started out sensible:

Me:"Well, that one's got a nice chunk of divine puissant glow to it. Must be the Herethroy waiter over there."

Zanniajaia:"A bit of a feminine harshness to it. I'd bet on the maitre d', who was a Herethroy woman."

Me:"Likely so."

It got a bit speculative:

Zanniajaia:"That one's been going since early afternoon. I'd guess it was one of those two -- they look a bit droopy-tailed, as if they've been on their feet for longer."

Me:"I must admire that bit of ratiocination! Though there are alternatives. They could be the work of now-departed waiters, or cooks lurking in the nether regions of the kitchen. Which would challenge even Gostegg to dissect."

Zanniajaia:"He doesn't dissect actual people very often, does he? Just spells usually."

Me:"I certainly felt dissected the day after Vae teleported me all over, and I was the experimental subject du jour!"

Retrospective note to self: Use of foreign words -- even properly -- is not a general-purpose seduction technique. Ilottat to the contrary.

By the end of the meal it had gotten downright silly:

Zanniajaia:"Sythyry? That light spell in the corner there ... Look through my thaumocle in tavro, and then look again with the thaumocle in dresso."

Me:"Yes ... what am I supposed to see?" It looked all striped. For those who are amateurs at dissection of spells, that indicates hesitation towards the end of the spellcasting, or feather-casting, or a caster in pain, or various other things, depending on the nature of the stripes. You can't tell enough to distinguish those with a thaumacle, though, except for feather-casting and these spells obviously weren't feather-cast.


Me:"Yes, indeed, stripes."

Zanniajaia:"It's got to be the Rassy waiter. He's the only one with stripes."

Me:"That makes no sense. But it makes good nonsense, so I will have to bow to your superior superiority."

Zanniajaia:"Always wise!"

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